Рассказы My faith

4.02.2014 | Olena D.

A human being can live without food for 45 days, without water – 10 days, without sleep – 5 days, without air – 5 minutes, without faith – no second. Faith can move mountains! Faith compels us to move. When I make a step I BELIEVE that I don’t fall, that my flag won’t be broken and I’ll go further.   When I breathe I BELIEVE that it’s useful, not toxic and I need it. When I pray to God I BELIEVE that He hears me and prepares response to my requests even in small instances of my life. When I educate my daughter I BELIEVE that she will grow into a good person. When I am near to my husband I BELIEVE that this man will make me happy.  When I embrace my mother I BELIEVE that she is the best woman in the whole world.  When I call my best friend I BELIEVE that just she can help me. When I dream about my Dad I BELIEVE that he feels good out “THERE” and he protects me. When I do my work I BELIEVE that it’s useful not only for me. When I drive I BELIEVE that it gives me freedom. When I read a book I BELIEVE that it gives me important knowledge. When I go to EuroMaydan I BELIEVE that people around me and I – we can change this dirty system. When I remember most painful moments in my life I BELIEVE that they changed my world for the better. When I love I BELIEVE that I BELIEVE. Because a human being can live without food, water, sleep and even air, but a human being can’t live without faith.

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