Рассказы The Aliens

12/10/2011 | Irina Ovchinnikova

Once upon a time there were aliens who came to the city New York. They arrived there quietly and unnoticeably. The purpose of their arrival was to gather information about the human kind. They decided to work in small groups, because it would give them the possibility to do the mission more effectively. That's why that prepared a big map where they indicated places which they needed to visit.

The aliens divided themselves into three groups allocating four of them in each. One of the groups (A) had to stay in the space ship to maintain the communication with the head office. The second group (B) had to go to the Wall Street to gather information concerning gold resources and prospects of capturing the financial resources of America. The last group (C) had to go to Pentagon to find out about the military forces and explore their weaknesses. One of the conditions for their collaborative work was to connect the group A every two hours …

The group C took off first because they were the strongest aliens out of all and they needed more time for their task. The group B was also ready to go. They took the last important instructions and left the board. In two hours when the time to get in touch with the A group was due the group C had already come to the place of destination and was ready to start the operation. The group B got a bit lost but on the whole they were also ready to start the operation. The group A at the time was waiting to receive the confirmation order from the head office to start the operation.

The group B, while approaching the point of destination, saw the Manhattan Street with a lot of discounts and because they were still waiting for the order to come they decided to try on some designer clothes with good discounts. Having tried several items of clothing they decided to buy a few. Unfortunately, they didn't have American dollars, so they decided to exchange their walkie-talkie thing for money in the place called pawnshop. So, they got money – as they thought – a lot of money. And with a happy stupid smile they went back to the store ... At that time everybody had already got the order. The group A got the order to control both other groups. The group C got the order to start the operation in Pentagon. The worker of pawnshop got the order to start the financial operation.

Each group started to realize the orders but the group B already exceeded the plan having tried on all the clothes from five boutiques. After they missed connection with the group A three times the head office and the group A decided to cancel the order of the group C and send it to find the group B. After five hours of searching they finally found them with a lot of designer clothes and fridge magnets. The group C also wanted to buy something for themselves but the head office insisted on returning to the spaceship. When they returned to the ship, both groups with failed tasks, everybody was angry, except the group B - with new great clothes. That's why the group A and C decided to share the clothes with the whole team and leave all magnets to head office.

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