Рассказы The fate

1.05.2014 | Victoriya Yanishevskaya

Some people believe in it, some hope that their destiny is in their hands, but this story will be about a girl who wanted to know it. Her name was Vera, she lived in a big city full of opportunities and temptations. The one thing that she always knew was that life brings problems to let person choose their own route.

So, this was why Vera was a good child and diligent student. Her desire to understand why she came to this world has followed her since she remembered herself. One day, on her 21st birthday, when she was mature enough to learn it, she went to a numerologist, a medium and a fortune–teller. The predictions of the first ones were ordinary and almost similar to the horoscopes she adored to read in every magazine she bought. They didn’t make a “prediction”, they tried to guess future events that would never come true, like marriage of her brother she had never had. At one moment she was ready to give up, but an advertisement of a fortune-teller was very persuasive and some magic power took her to the Baba Yanga’s house. It was a strange granny in a long dress with bright dots on it. Even her cloths were hypnotic but when Vera looked into her green eyes she understood that this woman was not a fraud.

The fortune-teller said something weird and unexpected, “Everyone’s destiny, everyone’s fate is happiness and in the majority of cases people achieve it but in a different time and place. There is only one interesting thing: every day you can either come closer to it or make the distance bigger. From my personal point of view if you want to help your friend now, try not to be jealous or biased and eventually your destiny to be a head of a multinational company will be more realistic.”

The girl was so surprised after her words. How this small granny had known about her conflict with Anna? Mysterious words were so catchy that she immediately went to her best friend and asked her for forgiveness.
Maybe Baba Yanga’s house or her appearance influenced the girl so much but this simple advice has always followed Vera and her good emotions and actions have made her a happy woman, mother and person.

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