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17.07.2014 | Nataliya Ko.

Hello, my dear friend. Of course, you know that today is the day, which began in the morning and then the noon came with lunch, and then the evening crawls up. Evening is the time of our tale! And the evening is the time that separates the day and night.

I cannot tell you exactly what evening is: it's the end of the day or it is the beginning of the night? Then, after the evening, comes the night. The night as well as mid-day has the time which is called midnight. The night ends at the sunset. With the sunset a new day always comes.

The Earth unceasingly repeats this cycle of time. You remember yesterday well, it also had the morning, noon, evening time, and then it all changed overnight. And you do not doubt that tomorrow
everything will be repeated.

Of course, you saw that during the day the Sun, a huge bright hot star, shines in the sky. The light and heat of the Sun is so strong that you cannot look at it for long, as the light blinds you! And you already know that the Sun is like grandfather, who is of a very old age. Besides its age, the grandfather Sun has a huge, incomprehensible force for us, inhabitants of the Earth. The Sun holds several planets and our home-planet Earth, as well.

Do you remember that the Earth is a restless young girl that is constantly spinning, like a whirligig? So, during its rotation, the Earth rotates itself turning to the sun its one and then the other sides. You know that a whirligig spins in one direction only? And the Earth always spins in one direction only. People named the four sides of the Earth: East, South, West and North. The Earth does not show its two sides for direct sunlight. And this is the coldest place on Earth, it is where the snow never melts. This is the South Pole and the North Pole. But the East and West sides of the Earth show up to the sunlight in turns. While the sun shines on the Eastern Hemisphere of the Earth, the Western Hemisphere is in the shade. This means that: children, adults, birds, fish, animals, plants, living on the Eastern Hemisphere (e.g. China, India, Russia, here in Ukraine, in European countries, African countries) have a day. All living creatures grow, reproduce, move, eat to recuperate the energy.

This means that: children, adults, birds, fish, animals, plants, living on the Western Hemisphere (e.g. Canada, Argentina, USA, Brazil, Peru, Australia) are in the night. During the night all life rests and restores strength for the next day. But children continue to grow even at night, so they need to eat more often during the day than adults.

The point on the globe where you live, my dear friend, spins around the Earth axis and returns to the same ray of the sun in exactly 24 hours. This is the time from yesterday midnight to midnight today.

The earth carries you on its surface at the same rate so that you would have time to rest and grow at night, wake up and wash in the morning, in the afternoon to play and learn and grow and grow up in the morning, afternoon and evening. The day and night last for about the same number of hours. The day and night together is 24 hours. You knew already that 24 hours is the speed of rotation of our home planet Earth. This determines the length of time of the day and night.

The end.

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