We can have a cat

29.08.2017 | Katerina Kuznetsova

Once upon a time there was an old man with his wife. They lived in a big and clean house. But they were not happy because they did not have any children. “If we had a child, we would be happy and not lonely”, said the old woman. “We can have a cat”, said the husband. “Yes, this is a good idea!” “Then I will give you a beautiful cat, my dear”, said the old man.

Grant Wood

And he went to a zoo store and saw three cats there. They liked him very much and he liked them too. One cat was white, another was black, but the third was of a very beautiful color: white with black and ginger. He bought the third cat and presented him to his wife. “Oh, what a beautiful cat! I think it is the prettiest cat I have ever seen and he will live with us. And we will not be lonely and he will make us happy. “Thank you, my dear husband!” said the old woman.

For happiness, you need very little moments to please your beloved wife and husband with small things. And how important it is for happiness to take care of someone.