What profession to choose? Какую выбрать профессию?

1. Introduction
- Is work important?
- Is it important to have a profession?

2. Warm up
- Red lorry, yellow lorry.
Красный грузовик, желтый грузовик.
- Unique New York.
Уникальный Нью-Йорк.
- Tragedy strategy.
Трагическая стратегия.

3.Song "People Work"

Contributors Lyrics by Andy Henley and Tym King
Modified by Maxim Achkasov

Nigel Naylor, he's a tailor
He makes some suits and shirts
Penny Proctor, she's a doctor
Comes to you when it hurts.

Petya Palmer, he's a farmer
He's got some pigs and sheep
Wendy Witter, babysitter
Minds the kids asleep.

People work in the country
People work in the town
People work day and night
To make the world go round.

Mabel Meacher, language teacher
Teaches French and Greek
Gary Gummer, he's a plumber
Call him when you've got a leak.

Patty Prentice, she's a dentist
Keeps your teeth clean and neat
Ronnie Ryman, he's a fireman
Comes when there's a fire to fight.

4.What is the best and worst job?
- I think the best profession is … because it …
- In my opinion the worst profession is … because …

5.How to choose a profession that is good for me?

6.Game “Guess a profession”

- This is a person who …
- Is it a … (journalist)?

7. Building a simple argument
- I would like to become a ...
- I have three reasons why this profession is good for me.
- Firstly, it is interesting.
- Secondly, it is ...
- Finally, it is ...
- So, this is why I would like to be a ...