Moving house Песни на английском для детей

Песни на английском для детей - Moving house?

Children song: Moving house

Author of poem: Gillian Craig

Fill the boxes, open the van
Put them in the back.
When you move from house to house
There is so much to pack!

Clothes and shoes and toys and books
Find and grab and fold.
Don’t forget a single thing
Even if it’s old.

Under beds, on top of desks
More things over there!
Next to lamps, behind the door
Please check everywhere!

Say goodbye to ceilings, walls
Windows and the floor.
Remember all the good times here
Before you close the door.

In your new house there will be
New places to explore.
But best of all you’ll have with you
The things that you adore.

No matter where you stay or live
No matter where you roam
Your family and the things you love
All make a house your home.