Different families Песни на английском для детей

Песни на английском для детей - Different families

Children song: Different families

Author of poem: Gillian Craig

Let’s meet some families
Like some you might know.
Some families might shrink
And some families might grow.

Here is Lee’s family
His mum is the one
Who helps with his homework
Who gets it all done.

She keeps their house clean and
Reads stories at night
She works as a lawyer
She makes bad things right.

Here is Jade’s family
Her dad is the man.
She knows that he’s always
Her number-one fan.

He’s there when she wakes up
And when she makes noise
He cooks yummy food and
He fixes her toys.

Here’s Jo and Sam’s family
Their granny’s the one
Who feeds them and clothes them
Who makes their home fun.

Although she’s retired
There’s still lots to do.
She makes sure they study
And exercise too.

Here are some families
Yours might be like theirs.
They fight for you, help you
And everyone shares.

But it doesn’t matter
How many or few.
The thing that’s important
Is that they love you.