Being Healthy Песни на английском для детей

Песни на английском для детей - Being Healthy

Children song: Being healthy

Author of poem: Gillian Craig

Performed by the teacher and students at the Language Studio English4real.

Mum says I have to brush my teeth
In the morning and at night.
They look and taste much better
But I hate it when she’s right.

Dad says I have to take a bath
And wash my body well.
I do feel nice and clean and fresh
But now he’s right as well!

My brother says I have to wash
My hands to keep them clean.
He’s right, my fingers feel so good
Without dirt in between.

My sister says I have to eat
Some vegetables each day.
She’s right, I have more energy
To run and walk and play.

I feel more healthy and I’ve got
Much better teeth and skin.
Don’t tell them that I think they’re right –
I hate it when they win!