Рассказы Fear of the dark

18.07.2012 | Alexander Byrdin

I decided to write a story about a little girl, whose name was Katie. She lived with her parents. But she was very afraid of something. This something hid under her bed. Every night when Katie was going to bed was scared to death.

But she didn't tell anyone about it even her parents. She felt the presence of someone or something under her bed. Because of it she couldn't sleep throughout the night. When one morning came, she understood that she was sleeping. She decided that her fears can't go on any further. But she didn't want to tell her parents about it. She wanted to overcome her fear herself. One night she woke up because she felt cold. Then she saw that her blanket disappeared. She didn't see it even after she carefully looked for it around. She was afraid to move. It was very cold and she knew she had to do something about it.

At first she thought that it would be good to look under the bed. But it wasn't easy. Her fear overwhelmed her, so she couldn't move. Even the light of the moon wasn’t illuminating her room. There was darkness. At that moment she remembered about a flashlight, which was lying on the nightstand besides her bed. When she took it she lit under the bed, but there wasn't anything. She was surprised, because she considered that her blanket was there. Now she was confused. She had no other ideas about where it could be. She was getting colder.

She had to think up new ideas about where she had to looking for.

She couldn't leave the room because the door of the room was at the other end.

She was afraid to come down on the floor. She thought that under her bed there was someone who wanted to kidnap her. But suddenly the light was turned on in the room. She looked anxiously toward the door and saw her mother. She held the blanket in her hands. Katie sighed with relief. Her mother came to her bed and covered her with the blanket and said, "Have sweet dreams my dear daughter." Katie didn't know how her blanket turned out to be in the other room.

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