English Grammar Exercises for B2 – Mixed conditionals

1. Match the halves of these mixed conditional sentences.

1 Martha would have gone to the night club

2 Tom would have accepted your invitation

3 John would be emigrating to Australia soon

4 Kate would be going to university

5 teacher would be pleased

if he wasn’t going away on Friday.

b if he had been able to get a work permit.

If I had completed project.

d if she didn’t have her driving test tomorrow.

if she hadn’t failed some of her exams.

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1 d   2 a   3 b   4 e   5 c

2. Complete these mixed conditional sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.


1 You ____________ (have) more money now if you ____________ (waste) it on clothes and magazines.

2 If school results ____________ (be) better, I ____________ (apply) to become an airline pilot when I left school.

3 If I ____________ (pay) more attention in Spanish classes, I ____________ (speak) better Spanish.

4 If I ____________ (not like) fish, I ____________ (not order) it from the menu last night.

5 She ____________ (not be) at this school now if her parents ____________ (not move) to this town three years ago.

If it ____________ (not be) so cold this morning, I ____________ (not wear) woolly scarf now.

7 If I ____________ (like) horror films, I ____________ (watch) Bloodbath.

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1 would have, hadn’t wasted

2 were, would have applied

3 had paid, would speak

4 didn’t like, wouldn’t have ordered

5 wouldn’t be, hadn’t moved

6 hadn’t been, wouldn’t be wearing

7 liked, would have watched

3. Read the situations and write mixed conditional sentences.

1 I failed piano exam last summer. That’s why I’m taking it again.

  If I hadn’t ________

2 I didn’t go to the theatre because I’m broke.


3 Dave didn’t say hello to Emily at the party. That’s why she’s upset.


4 Ryan is learning Mandarin. That’s why he spent a week in Beijing.


5 Beth couldn’t phone you last night because she hasn’t got a mobile.


6 Ollie lost his iPad. That’s why he’s looking miserable.


7 Carol is unwell. That’s why she didn’t go out last night.


8 Poland are playing in the European Cup because they beat Belgium in the qualifying round.


9 Fran isn’t coming to the concert with us tomorrow because she couldn’t get a ticket.


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1 If I hadn’t failed piano exam last summer, I wouldn’t be taking it again.

2 I would have gone to the theatre if I wasn’t / weren’t broke.

3 If Dave had said hello to Emily at the party, she wouldn’t be upset.

4 If Ryan wasn’t / weren’t learning Mandarin, he wouldn’t have spent a week in Beijing.

5 Beth would have phoned you last night if she had a mobile.

6 If Ollie hadn’t lost his iPad, he wouldn’t be looking miserable.

7 If Carol was well, she would have gone out last night.

8 Poland wouldn’t be playing in the European Cup if they hadn’t beaten Belgium in the qualifying round.

9 Fran would be coming to the concert with us tomorrow if she could have got a ticket.


Complete these sentences with your own ideas. Make them mixed conditional sentences.

1 If the Internet hadn’t been invented, ________

2 If I were extremely rich, ________

3 If I knew someone famous, ________

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