English Grammar Exercises for B2 – Future time clauses

1. Choose the correct options (a-c) to complete the text.

If you’re thinking of volunteering abroad , why not join us on one of our conservation trip to Costa Rica this year? We take care of all your travel arrangements, so as soon as 1 __ . , one of our group leaders will meet you at the airport. Then, once 2 __ . time to relax, and after 3 __ . everyone else in the group, we take you on the four-hour bus journey to the coast. You’ll be working in the Tortuguero National Park on one of our conservation projects – but when 4 __ . , there’s plenty of time to enjoy the beautiful beaches, and while 5 __ . here you could even learn a new language. We’re sure that by the time 6 __ . you'll have had an amazing experience!

1   a  you’re arriving  b you arrive      c you’ll be arriving

2   a  you’ve had  b you’re having   you’ll be having

3   a  you’ll have met b you’ve met                    you’ll be meeting

4   a  you don’t work      b you aren’t working      you haven’t worked

5   a  you’re staying b you’ll be staying  you’ll have stayed

6   a  you’ll have left       b you’ll be leaving           you leave

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1 b   2 a   3 b   4 b   5 a   6 c

2. Complete the text with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

Hi Otto

I can’t wait to see you – I can’t believe that by the time I 1 _______ (see) you, I 2 _______ (be) France for a month! As soon as you 3 _______ (arrive), we’ll plan where to go, but can you bring a sleeping bag in case we 4 _______ (decide) to go camping? Tomorrow, I 5 _______ (visit) cousins in Paris, so it’s a shame we’ll have to wait until Saturday to meet, but I should be there the minute your train 6 _______ (get) in. Just think: this time on Saturday, we 7 _______ (talk) to each other face to face! Lots of love until then.


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1 see   2 ‘ll have been   3 ’ve arrived / arrive   4 decide

5 ’m visiting / ’ll be visiting   6 gets   7 ’ll be talking

3. Choose the best verb form to complete the first conditional sentences.

1 If they go to Amsterdam, they will have / they are having a great time.

2 If you’re buying a new outfit for the party, I get / I’m getting one too.

3 If you get out of school before me, wait / you’ll wait for me at the bus stop.

4 If we don’t hurry up, we won’t be finishing / won’t have finished this exercise by the end of the lesson.

5   If he gets good grades, brother goes / will go to university.

6   If this DVD’s any good, I’ll lend / have lent it to you.

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1 they will have   2 I’m getting   3 wait

4 won’t have finished   5 will go   6 lend

4. Choose the answer that makes most sense. Sometimes both answers are possible.

I’ll let you know as soon as / in case I’ve booked ticket.

If it stays hot, the clothes will have dried the minute / by the time we leave.

parents will let me go camping on condition that / once I phone every day.

4  By the time / When she lands in New York, she’ll have been travelling for two days.

5  If / Unless you need anything, just ask at reception.

Take a book in case / on condition that you get bored on the flight.

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1 as soon as   2 by the time   3 on condition that

4 By the time / When   5 If   6 in case

5. Complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first.

1 I won’t take suncream unless you do.

  If you don’t ________________ either.

2 It may rain later, so take an umbrella.

  Take an umbrella in ________________

3 I’ll finish packing and then I’ll call a cab.

   After ________________ call a cab.

4 You won’t hear from me again until I’m in London.

  By ________________ me again, I’ll be in London.

5 He can’t go unless he finds his passport soon.

  If ________________ soon, he won’t be able to go.

6 We can’t share a room if you snore!

     We can share a room on condition ________________!

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1 take suncream, I won’t   2 case it rains later

3 I’ve finished packing / I finish packing, I’ll

4 the time you hear from   5 he doesn’t find his passport

6 (that) you don’t snore

6. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

I won’t go to the beach tomorrow if it ________ (rain)

Tony’s going to pack his bags before he ____________ to bed. (go)

I’ll be able to tell you what time I’m leaving once I ____________ the time of flight. (check)

We’ll be staying with aunt when we ____________ in Vancouver. (be)

Can you call me after you ____________ dinner? (have)

I’m not going to tell you about trip until I can see that you ____________ to me. (listen)

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1 ’s raining / rains   2 goes   3 ’ve checked / check

4 are   5 ’ve had / have   6 ’re listening

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