English Writing Exercises for B1 – A blog post


1. Match six school clubs below with the pictures (1-6) opposite.

art club      astrono club      baking club      science club

ballroom-dancing club      computer club      debating society

drama society      film club      fitness club      handball club

photography club      school choir      school orchestra


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1 handball club   2 film club   3 baking club   4 computer club

5 photography club   6 ballroom-dancing club

2. At which of the other school clubs from exercise 1 could you:

1 sing with other students? ______________

2 act in a play? ______________

3 do interesting experiments? ______________

4 draw and paint? ______________

5 discuss important issues? ______________

6 do physical exercises? ______________

7 look at the planets? ______________

8 play a musical instrument? ______________

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1 school choir   2 drama society   3 science club

4 art club   5 debating society   6 fitness club

7 astrono club   8 school orchestra

3. Read the task and the model text. Number the four points (a-d) in the order they appear in the text.

a Say who attended the meeting and what happened at it.

b Give you opinion of how the first meeting went.

Say why you formed the new club and where and when the first meeting took place.

d Describe your plans for the club.

You have organised a new after-school club and attended your first meeting. Write a blog post about it.

Last Thursday was the first meeting of the fitness club. This is a new club which I have organised with two classmates. We all love sport and PE and we thought it would be a good idea to encourage other people to be more active. We met in the gym after school and then we went out onto the playing field. Luckily the weather was good.

Fifteen students turned up for the club. Eight of them were girls and seven were boys, and we all spent an hour doing a variety of games and exercises. For example, we played volleyball in the gym and football on the playing field.

All in all, I think the meeting was a success. Fifteen students is a good number, especially for a first meeting, although it would of course be better with more. Everybody took part very enthusiastically, which is very encouraging.

In the future, I hope to organise a wider variety of games and sports. I also plan to advertise the club better, with posters on the main noticeboard and an article in the school newspaper. I’d also like us all to enter a fun run next spring. We could even wear special costumes!

Posted today at 11:32

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a 2   b 3   c 1   d 4

Writing Guide

Writing Strategy

Where there is a word limit for a writing task make sure you keep within it. If you go over the limit, decide which words you can delete. For example, there may be unnecessary adjectives or examples, or irrelevant details. When you have cut the words, make sure that a) the text still makes sense, and b) all of the points in the task are still covered.

4. Read the Writing Strategy. Which two of the five underlined sentences in the text could you delete?

1st sentence

2nd sentence

3rd sentence

4th sentence

5th sentence

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3rd sentence, 5th sentence

5. Read the task. Then make notes for each point (a-d). Use the questions (1-4) below to give you ideas.

You have joined a new club at school and attended your first session. Write a blog post about it.

Say when and where it took place.

Say who attended the session and what happened.

Suggest how the club could improve its activities.

Make a request for some equipment.

What club is it? Where / When was the session? How many people were there? What did you do?

Did you enjoy the session? What was the best / worst thing about it?

What would make the club better?

What equipment does the club need? Why?

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6. Write a blog post. Use your notes from exercise 5..

Extra exercises


Remember to add some appropriate closing remarks and an ending, if these aren’t provided in the task

1. Read the Strategy. Then complete the closing sentences with the words below.

all         hope        touch

That’s ________. for now.

I ________. to hear from you soon!

I’ll be in ________. again soon.

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1 all 2 hope  3 touch

2. Read the task below and write the message.

Hi, how are you? I’ve been working hard for exams. Hey, guess what? I’m coming over for the first week of next month! I’d really like to meet up with you. Are you free?

Write a message in reply.

–  Tell your friend what you’ve been doing recently.

–  Thank your friend for his / her invitation.

–  Find out exactly where your friend is going to be.

–  Explain why it will be difficult to meet up.

–  Give your friend some advice about things to do in your country.

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