Practice Listening English Exercises for B1 – Personalities

Listening task 1: People are different.

A Listen. People are talking. Where are they? Number the pictures from 1 to 5. (There is one extra picture.)


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(top row) 2, 5

(middle row) X, 1

(bottom row) 4, 3

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BListen again. Which word best describes the first speaker? Circle the correct answers.

1) a. forgetful

     b. competitive

2) a. adventurous

     b. energetic

3) a. sociable

     b. creative

4) a. adventurous

     b. dependable

5) a. ambitious

     b. short-tempered

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1) a   2) b   3) a   4) a   5) b



Woman :   Oh, no. I can’t find gloves. I think I forgot them in the mall.

Man :   Check your coat pocket.

Woman :   Oh, right. Here they are. Oh, no! Now, I can’t find keys!

Man :   You probably put them in your pocket, too.

Woman :   No, they’re not here. Oh, where did I put them? Ah, here they are, in the bag with new leather jacket. Now if I can just remember where I parked the car. Hmm, I think it was over there, but I’m just not sure__ OK__


Man 1 :   Wow, that was great!

Man 2 :   Yeah, great for you. I’m tired.

Man 1 :   Oh come on! Just one more game! We still have thirty minutes.

Man 2 :   Don’t you want to rest? We’ve been playing for two hours.

Man 1 :   And I could play for two more hours!

Man 2 :   You’re unbelievable! Why don’t you find another partner. I’m going to the snack bar. You can meet me there later.


Man :   I’m so excited about the party Friday. I’ve invited a lot of people!

Woman :   A lot of people? How many?

Man :   Probably about fifteen or twenty. It’ll be great! We’ll see our good friends, and some of them are bringing guests, so we’ll meet a lot of new people, too.

Woman :   Wow! I guess we need a lot of food then.

Man :   Yeah. We’re going to have an international food buffet. It’ll be fantastic! Everyone will have a chance to talk and get to know each other while we eat. Let’s see, we need some tomatoes. We also__


Man :   Well, I’m almost ready for backpacking trip.

Woman :   Oh, good. So you just need a guidebook to plan what you’re going to do there, right? Look, this one has all the famous sites and how to get there.

Man :   No, I don’t need a guidebook – just a map. I’m going to enjoy exploring when I get there.

Woman :   Don’t you worry about anything?

Man :   Not when I’m traveling. I just want to do and try everything!

Woman :   Hmm, I wish I were more like you. I’d probably have more fun.


Man :   Hey! What are you doing?

Woman :   Who, me? Nothing!

Man :   No, not you, the guy in that red car. Did you see what he did?

Woman :   No, but__

Man :   He went right in front of me! He cut me off!

Woman :   Well, we’re not in a hurry, are we? So it doesn’t matter.

Man :   Doesn’t matter? Of course it matters! He’s got to share the road!

Woman :   Don’t get so angry. It’s just a car.

Man :   Well__

Listening task 2: Two of a kind

A Listen. People are describing the personalities of people they know. What are the people’s relationships? Circle the correct answers.

1) a. sisters

     b. mother and daughter

2) a. co-workers

     b. roommates

3) a. husband and wife

     b. neighbors

4) a. college friends

     b. father and son

5) a. brothers

     b. classmates

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1) a   2) b   3) a   4) b   5) b

Audioscripts inb below

BListen again. Are their personalities similar or different? Check (✓) the correct answers.








Show answers & Audioscripts

1) similar   2) different   3) different

4) similar   5) different



Man :   And how about this one?

Woman :   Oh, this is a picture of us at our family picnic last year.

Man :   I didn’t know you were a twin!

Woman :   Yeah – sister lives in New York. She’s a writer.

Man :   For a newspaper?

Woman :   No, she writes stories – short stories, mostly, and poems.

Man :   Have you ever drawn pictures for her stories? You can draw really well, can’t you?

Woman :   Not yet, but we talk about it sometimes.

Man :   That would be neat – your art and her writing. You have a very creative family!


Woman :   So how’s everything?

Man :   Oh, OK. I moved into a new apartment a few months ago.

Woman :   Oh yeah? By yourself?

Man :   No, but, I wish! I’m sharing the place with another guy.

Woman :   Is that a problem?

Man :   Well, he’s just not very dependable. He doesn’t pay the rent on time, and he leaves the door unlocked__

Woman :   Oh, that must drive you crazy! You’re Mr. Dependable!

Man :   Yeah. I’m thinking about moving out.


Woman 1 :   Wow, you two have known each other for thirty years? That’s amazing!

Woman 2 :   Well, yes, we’ve been through a lot together.

Woman 1 :   What’s the secret to such a healthy relationship? Are you a lot alike?

Woman 2 :   Oh, no. Harry’s the adventurous one. He’s always hiking and skiing and mountain climbing.

Woman 1 :   Do you go with him?

Woman 2 :   Oh, goodness me, no. I like to read, and work in garden.

Woman 1 :   Well, you know what they say – opposites attract!


Man 1 :   Todd’s coming home from college this weekend.

Man 2 :   Oh, that will be nice! What are you going to do?

Man 1 :   Well, we’ll probably catch a movie Friday night. We both love science fiction, and there’s a great new movie out. And then Saturday we have plans to play golf together.

Man 2 :   Oh, Todd plays golf, too? Does he play as well as you?

Man 1 :   Oh, he’s even better than me now! After all, I started giving him lessons when he was just five!

Man 2 :   Hmm, he sounds competitive! Runs in the family, I guess.


Woman :   How did Kevin do on the test?

Man :   He got an A – of course! All he does is study!

Woman :   Well, he wants to be a doctor someday, you know.

Man :   Yeah, he’s probably the most ambitious student in class.

Woman :   And how about you?

Man :   Me? I guess I have own dreams.

Woman :   No, I mean how did you do on the test?

Man :   Uh__ can we talk about something else?

Listening task 3

A Listen. Circle the correct answers.

1) The people are

    a. business owners.

    b. office workers.

    c. university students.

2) The woman is going to

    a. teach a class.

    b. take a class.

    c. read some books.

3) The woman is

    a. adventurous.

    b. competitive.

    c. ambitious.

4) The man is

    a. sociable.

    b. easygoing.

    c. dependable.

5) The man is also

    a. adventurous.

    b. competitive.

    c. forgetful.

Show answers & Audioscripts

1) c   2) b   3) c   4) b   5) a


Man :   Ah, it’s almost summer vacation time ___ I can’t wait to take a break from studying! How about you?

Woman :   Well, I’m not really going to take a break.

Man :   You’re not? What are you going to do?

Woman :   I’m going to take a business class over the summer. And I’m going to work part-time at uncle’s company to get some experience.

Man :   More classes and work? Why don’t you just relax and take it easy this summer?

Woman :   I guess I’m just not as easygoing as you are. I really want to be successful in the future.

Man :   Oh, I’m sure you’ll be rich and famous!

Woman :   How about you? Don’t you ever think about your future?

Man :   Sure, I do. I think about all the great places I’m going to travel to when I graduate. I’m going to buy a backpack and travel around the world. When I’m done with all adventures, then I’ll start thinking about getting a serious job.

Woman :   Well, I guess we’re just opposites. I’m serious about career.

Man :   And I’m serious about relaxing. This summer I’m just going to take it easy.

BListen. Check (✓) your answers. Write more information as needed.

1) more adventurous     less adventurous

 name _______

2) taking a test                playing sports

 another situation _______

3) a big party                   a small party

 another situation _______

4) draw                             sing

 something else _______

5) more ambitious          more easygoing

     another word _______

Show answers & Audioscripts



Are you more adventurous or less adventurous than your best friend? Check your answer. Then write your best friend’s name on the line.


What kinds of situations make you feel competitive? Check your answer, or write another situation that makes you feel competitive.


What kinds of situations make you feel sociable? Check your answer, or write another situation that makes you feel sociable.


What do you do that is creative? Check your answer, or write something else you do that is creative.


Are you more ambitious or more easygoing? Check your answer. Then write another personality word that describes you on the line.

Listening task 4

A Listen. People are describing other people they know. Who are they talking about? Circle the correct answers.

1) a. a teacher

    b. a boss

    c. a friend

2) a. a friend

    b. a brother

    c. a teacher

3) a. a sister

    b. a co-worker

    c. a roommate

4) a. a friend

    b. a brother

    c. a husband

5) a. a customer

    b. a server

    c. a clerk

Show answers & Audioscripts

1) a   2) b   3) c   4) a   5) b

Audioscripts inb below

BListen again. Check (✓) the two words each speaker uses to describe the person.

1)  energetic      forgetful        short-tempered      creative

2)  adventurous     ambitious      easygoing     sociable

3)  easygoing     energetic           creative             dependable

4)  forgetful       dependable       sociable              short-tempered

5)  energetic      forgetful             adventurous      sociable

Show answers & Audioscripts

1) energetic, forgetful

2) ambitious, sociable

3) easygoing, creative

4) dependable, short-tempered

5) energetic, sociable



Man :   What’s Professor Santos like?

Woman :   Oh, she’s very energetic. She really loves her job – you can tell. But ___

Man :   But what?

Woman :   Well, sometimes she’s a bit forgetful. One time she forgot to tell us she was going to give us a test the next class, so nobody was prepared!

Man :   Oh, no!

Woman :   Oh, it was OK. She changed the date and gave us a few days to study.


Woman :   So, how’s Matt’s new job?

Man :   He’s doing really well. You know how ambitious he is!

Woman :   Yeah, I always knew he’d be really successful.

Man :   Here. This is a picture of him mountain climbing in India.

Woman :   Wow! I didn’t know Matt was so adventurous!

Man :   He isn’t. But he’s very sociable. His friends invited him on the trip, and he couldn’t say “no.” When we were younger, our parents used to call him “a social butterfly.”

Woman :   Well, I guess you two are a lot alike.


Man :   So, how are you and Andrea getting along these days?

Woman :   OK, I guess. She’s very nice.

Man :   And very easygoing!

Woman :   Yeah, maybe too easygoing. I wish she were more energetic around the apartment. It’s always a mess. She never cleans up after herself.

Man :   That’s a problem.

Woman :   I know. But she’s a not a bad person. She’s very creative. She plays music and sings, and she can paint, too. We get along OK. But next year, I think I’m going to live alone.


Man :   So, where’s Adam?

Woman :   Oh, he’ll be here. Don’t worry. Adam is the most dependable person I know.

Man :   Really? How long have you known him?

Woman :   Since we were kids. Our families lived next door to each other. He’s a great guy – a little short-tempered sometimes, but I like him a lot.

Man :   Well, I like him, too. But if he doesn’t come soon, we’re going to miss the movie. Then I’ll be the one who’s short-tempered!


Server :   OK, that’s one chicken sandwich, one burger, a salad with no dressing, an iced tea, and a coffee. I’ll put that other in right away.

Woman :   Did you see that? He didn’t write our order down! He’ll never be able to remember all that!

Man :   Oh, yes, he will. He never forgets anything.

Woman :   Really?

Man :   Yeah. And he’s very energetic. He’s a little slow sometimes because he likes to stop and talk to the customers. He’s really sociable.

Woman :   Well, that’s OK with me. I like friendly people.

Man :   Then you’ll love this place!

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