English Grammar Exercises for B1- Third conditional

1. Complete the third conditional sentences with the verbs in brackets.

1 If I ________. (be) hungry, I ________. (buy) a sandwich in the buffet car.

2 We ________. (book) a cabin if they ________. (not be) so expensive.

3 If we ________. (stop) at the filling station, we ________. (not run out) of petrol.

4 If you ________. (look) at the departures board, you ________. (know) which gate to go to.

5 What ________. you ________. (do) if the airline ________. (lose) your luggage?

6 We ________. (not go) out on deck is the weather ________. (not be) so lovely.

7 If you ________. (find) a bag on a train, ________. you ________. (take) it to the lost property office?

I ________. (not use) the car park if I ________. (can) park on the street.

If I ________. (need) a taxi, I ________. (wait) at the taxi rank.

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1 had been, would have bought

would have booked, hadn’t been

3 had stopped, wouldn’t have run out

4 had looked, would have known

5 would, have done, had lost

6 wouldn’t have gone, hadn’t been

7 had found, would, have taken

8 wouldn’t have used, could have parked

had needed, would have waited

2. Match the sentence halves. Then rewrite them as third conditional sentences.

1 We missed the ferry because ___ e__

2 We got lost because ____

3 I couldn’t get on the plane because ____

4 The train was late because ____

5 The car crashed because ____

6 We didn’t take the cable car because ____

a I didn’t have passport with me.

b we wanted to walk up the mountain.

you forgot the satnav.

d the driver didn’t see the red light.

e we were late setting off.

there was snow on the line.

1 We wouldn’t have missed the ferry if we hadn’t been late setting off.

2 _____.

3 _____.

4 _____.

5 _____.

6 _____.

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2 c ; We wouldn’t have got lost if you hadn’t forgotten the satnav.

3 a ; I could have got on the plane if I had had passport with me.

4 f; The train wouldn’t have been late if there hadn’t been snow on the line.

5 d ; The car wouldn’t have crashed if the driver had seen the red light.

6 b ; we wouldn’t have taken the cable car if we hadn’t wanted to walk up the mountain.

3. Write questions using the prompts.

where / you / go / on holiday / last summer / if / you / have / the choice?

 Where would you have gone ________.

what / you / do / if / you / feel ill / this morning?


what / you / buy / last weekend / if / you / have / lots of money?


what / you / do / if / today / be / a public holiday?


what film / you / see / if / go / to the cinema / last night?


what / you / eat / yesterday evening / if / you / have / the choice?


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1 on holiday last summer if you had had the choice?

2 What would you have done if you had felt ill this morning?

3 What would you have bought last weekend if you had had lots of money?

4 What would you have done if today had been a public holiday?

5 What film would you have seen if you had gone to the cinema last night?

6 What would you have eaten yesterday evening if you had had the choice?

4. Write answers to the questions in exercise 3.

1 _____.

2 _____.

3 _____.

4 _____.

5 _____.

6 _____.

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your own answers

5. Complete the third conditional sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

Ryan ______________ (not be) late for the interview if he ______________ (not miss) the bus.

If you ______________ (wear) proper shoes, you ______________ (not twist) your ankle.

If we ______________ (stay) on the main road, we ______________ (not get) lost.

She ______________ (drive) to work if there ______________ (not be) so much traffic.

You ______________ (pass) your driving test if you ______________ (remember) to look in the mirror.

If I ______________ (not take) a guidebook, we ______________ (not know) where to go.

If we ______________ (go) by taxi, we ______________ (arrive) by now.

They ______________ (have) difficulty finding the street if they ______________ (not use) a satnav.

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1 wouldn’t have been, hadn’t missed

2 ’d worn, wouldn’t have twisted

3 ’d stayed, wouldn’t have got

4 ’d have driven, hadn’t been

5 ’d have passed, ’d remembered

6 hadn’t taken, wouldn’t have known

7 ’d gone, ‘d have arrived

8 ’d have had, hadn’t used