English Grammar Exercises for B1- Quantifiers

1. Complete the rules with the headings below.

plural noun      singular countable noun      uncountable noun

every, each, either + ______________

all, most, some, much, little, a little, any, no + ______________

all, most, many, some, a few, few, no, both, any + ______________

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1 singular countable noun   2 uncountable noun

3 plural noun

2. Circle the correct answers to complete the sentences.

1 I’ve only used _________ pocket money.

a little  b a little            

 c a few  d a little of

2 ___ of the computers is broken.

a Each  b Both                          

     c  Every one   d Every

3 There isn’t _________ time before the film starts.

a many   few                 

    c much   little

4 Nearly _________ this software is out of date.

a every  b all of              

    c each of  d every one of

5 ___ of the information is correct.

a No   None              

 c  Any   Either

The computer is very heavy. Pick it up with _________ hands.

a each  b all                   

     c  either  d both

___ teenagers use social networking sites.

a Much  b Most              

     c  Many of    d Most of

Have you bought _________ apps recently?

a some   any                 

     c no   few

Joe spends _________ his free time playing games online.

a most   most of         

 c much   the most

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1 d   2 c   3 c   4 b   5 b   6 d   7 b   8 b   9 b

3. Some of the sentences are incorrect. Rewrite them correctly. Tick the correct sentences..

No of classmates did their homework. ✗

None of classmates did their homework.

Some of gadgets are difficult to use.


We had no times to lose.


Tom can write with every hand.


Not much games are easy to program.


There’s a mistake in each sentence.


Kate doesn’t like any these apps.


Jason spends few money on downloading music.


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2 Some of the gadgets are difficult to use.


4 Tom can write with both hands.

5 Not many / all games are easy to program.


7 Kate doesn’t like any of these apps.

8 Jason spends little money on downloading music.

4. Complete the sentences with few, a few, little, or a little.

1   _____. people went to see the film, so it was only on at the cinema for a couple of weeks.

2   I’m tired because I got very ________. sleep last night.

3   I’ll only need ________. more minutes to finish homework.

4   ‘Is there any milk left?’ ‘Yes, ________.’

5   I posted that comment ________. days ago.

6   I had ________. subscribers to video blog, so I removed it from YouTube.

7   Unfortunately they have ________. money to spend on holidays.

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1 Few   2 little   3 a few   4 a little   5 a few

6 few   7 little

5. Look at the bar chart. Write a sentence for each activity with the words below. Use the present perfect.

all      almost all      a few      most      none      some      very few

set up a new email account

play a computer game

download music

print a document from their phone

search within a specific website

install an app on their phone

update their profile on a social networking site


A few of the students have set up a new email account.







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2 All of the students have played a computer game.

3 Almost all of the students have downloaded music.

4 None of the students have printed a document from their phone.

5 Very few of the students have searched within a specific website.

6 Most of the students have installed an app on their phone.

7 Some of the students have updated their profile on a social networking site.

6. Complete the dialogue with the words below.

all      any      every      a few      a little      many      most      much

Dave Emma, how long have you had your phone?

Emma It’s quite new, actually. I’ve only had it for 1 _____. months.

Dave How often do you use it?

Emma I use it 2 _____. the time! 3 _____. of the people I know send me text messages, and I text a lot too, especially when I need 4 _____. help with homework. By the end of the day, phone has no battery left, so I have to recharge it 5 _____. night.

Dave Who pays your phone bill?

Emma parents do, but it isn’t a lot. I don’t really spend 6 _____. money on phone because I never make 7 _____. calls. If I want to speak to parents, I text them and they call me back. I don’t get 8 _____. other calls really, except on birthday.

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1 a few   2 all   3 Most   4 a little   5 every

6 much   7 any   8 many

7. Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first Use the words in brackets.

There are no places left on the science trip. (all)

________________ on the science trip have been taken.

I don’t get many important emails. (few)

________________ are very important.

I’ve lost two phone chargers. (either)

 I can’t find ________________

Her contacts were all deleted when she clicked on the button. (every)

  When she clicked on the button, she deleted ________________

The links on this website are all faulty. (none)

________________ on this website are working.

There are only a few apps on phone that I use. (most)

  I don’t use ________________ on phone.

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1 All the places   2 Few of emails / Few of the emails I get

3 either of phone chargers   4 every one of her contacts

5 None of the links   6 most of the apps