English Grammar Exercises for B1- Present perfect and past simple contrast

1. Circle the correct answers.

1 Fran wenthasgone ballroom dancing last night.

2 DidyoufinishHaveyoufinished vlogging yet?

3hadhavehad this camera for over a year.

4readhaveread the whole magazine in an hour.

5 Sam isn’t hungry because he alreadyatehasalreadyeaten .

6 DidyougoHaveyoubeen cycling last weekend?

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1 went   2 Have you finished   3 have had   4 read

5 has already eaten   6 Did you go

2. Correct the mistakes in the sentences.

I didn’t go rollerblading before. Is it fun?


I’ve fallen over while I was ice skating.


Did Jasmine text you yet?


Dan has gone bowling on his birthday.


I didn’t go camping since last summer.


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1 didn’t go = haven’t been   2 ‘ve fallen = fell

3 Did Jasmine text = Has Jasmine texted

4 has gone = went   5 didn’t go = haven’t been

3. Complete the sentences with the verbs in brackets. Use the past simple in one sentence and the present perfect in the other.

1   a  I ________. skateboarding lots of time. (go)

b Katie ________. shopping yesterday. (go)

2   a  When ________. you ________. that cake? (bake)

b I ________. cakes since I was ten. (bake)

3   a  Joe loves karate. He ________. it for ages. (do)

b I ________. ballet for a year, but I gave it up. (do)

4   a  Northern Lights is a great book. ________. you ________. it? (read)

b I ________. four novels last month. (read)

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1 ‘ve been; went   2 did; bake; ‘ve been baking

3 ‘s been doing; did   4 Have; read; read

4. Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first. Use the words in brackets and the past simple or present perfect. You will need to add other words.

I can still remember tenth birthday party. (never)

I have never forgotten tenth birthday party.

Tomorrow, Jason will go horse riding for the first time. (never)

 Jason ________ horse riding before.

I haven’t played table tennis for a year. (ago)

I last ________

Tom has just texted me. (a moment ago)

 Tom ________

The last time I vlogged was a year ago. (for)

 I ________ a year.

Is this your first time at this gym? (ever)

 ________ before?

brother has collected stamps since he was six. (collecting)

      ________ when he was six.

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2 has never been   3 played table tennis a year ago

4 texted me a moment ago   5 haven’t vlogged for

6 Have you ever been to this gym   7 brother started collecting stamps

5. Complete the interview with the past time or present perfect form of the verbs in brackets.

Interviewer When 1 _________ you ____________ (start) rollerblading?

Tiffany I first 2 _________ (go) rollerblading when I was nine. I 3 _________ (stop) for a few years, then I 4 _________ (take) it up again when I was in teens.

Interviewer How often do you practise?

Tiffany As often as I can. But it 5 _________ (be) very wet recently, so I 6 _________ (not be able) to get out on the streets much, which is very frustrating.

Interviewer Who are your favourite rollerbladers?

Tiffany I love watching Chris Haffey. I 7 _________ (always / admire) him. In 2011, he 8 _________ (break) the world record for the longest jump – 30 metres!

Interviewer9 _________ you ____________ (have) much success in competitions?

Tiffany Yes, I 10 _________ (win) quite a few competitions. I 11 _________ (come) first in the 2014 Street Rollerblading Open Championship.

Interviewer That’s fantastic!

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1 did, start   2 went   3 stopped   4 took   5 has been

6 haven’t been able to   7 ‘ve always admired 8 broke

9 Have, had   10 ‘ve won   11 came

6. Complete the text with the correct past simple or present perfect form of the verbs in brackets.

Twenty-three-year-old Sam Willoughby is a world champion BMX rider. He 1 _________ (get) his first bike when he was six, and since then he 2 _________ (take) par in numerous competitions, including the 2012 London Olympics where he 3 _________ (win) a silver medal. Although Sam is Australian, he 4 _________ (not live) in the country of his birth since he 5 _________ (leave) for the USA at the age of sixteen. During his first years in California, he 6 _________ (not have) any money, but since then, his prize money 7 _________ (make) him wealth. Sam currently lives in San Diego, and he has an American girlfriend, Alise Post. Alise, who 8 _________ (know) Sam for several years, is also a BMX champion.

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1 got   2 has taken   3 won   4 hasn’t lived   5 left

6 didn’t have   7 has made   8 has known