English Grammar Exercises for B1- Participle clauses

1. Circle the correct past or present participle form to complete the participle clauses.

We stayed in a villa belonged / belonging to grandparents.

These scientists have designed a car powered / powering by solar energy.

He jumped from a train travelled / travelling at nearly 100 km/h.

The men decorated / decorating our house have made a real mess of the furniture.

They spent the night in a traditional Mongolian tent known / knowing as a yurt.

The police arrested a man taken / taking photos of the military base.

The tourists saw a message written / writing in large, white letters on the cliff.

His flat is full of old furniture given / giving to him by his grandfather.

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1 belonging   2 powered   3 travelling   4 decorating

5 known   6 taking   7 written   8 given

2. Underline one participle clause in each sentence. Then write it as a full relative clause (defining or non-defining).

I bought a copy of Twilight signed by the author.

     which had been signed by the author

I can see three cyclists not wearing helmets.


She keeps getting emails from companies wanting to employ her.


Three paintings stolen from the National Gallery have been found.


This class is only for students studying nineteenth-century literature.


His autobiography, published in 1931, was called Far From Home.


I asked some girls standing outside the hotel to take a photo of us.


8   We remind passengers that any luggage left on the platform will be destroyed.


9   This book is a useful guide for students not living at home.


10 We stayed in an amazing hotel room decorated to look like a space capsule.


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2 not wearing helmets, who are not wearing helmets

wanting to employ her, who want to employ her

stolen from the National Gallery, which were stolen from the National Gallery

5 studying nineteenth-century literature, who are studying nineteenth-century literature

published in 1931, which was published in 1931

7 standing outside the hotel, who were standing outside the hotel

8 left on the platform, which has been left on the platform

9 not living at home, who are not living at home

10 decorated to look like a space capsule, which was decorated to look like a space capsule

3. Complete the text with participle clauses with the same meaning as the clauses in brackets.

The largest man-made object in space is the International Space Station (ISS), 1 _____ (which was built) by the European Space Agency and the space agencies of America, Canada, Japan and Russia. These five agencies, 2 _____ (who worked) together for many years, launched the ISS in 1998. Since then, they have all been sending astronauts, 3 _____ (who have been trained) to carry out important scientific work, to the space station. Chris Hadfield, 4 _____ (who was chosen) as one of Canada’s astronauts, became well known for uploading photos 5 _____ (which had been taken) in space to his social networking pages. He also recorded videos, 6 _____ (which included) his won performance of the song Space Oddity7 _____ (which was written) by pop star David Bowie. The video, 8 _____ (which has been watched) by about 25 million people so far, made Chris Hadfield even more famous.

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1 built   2 working   3 trained   4 chosen   5 taken

6 including   7 written   8 watched

4. Combine the two sentences using a participle clause. Sometimes you need to add the clause in the middle of the sentence.

We visited a palace. The palace was built 400 years ago.

  We visited a palace built 400 years ago.

Astronauts get homesick. They spend weeks in space.


I lost a watch. It belonged to cousin.


A man sat down next to me. He smelled of coffee.


The debates will help voters to decide. They will be shown live on TV.


He gave me a small box. It contained a key.


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2 Astronauts, spending weeks in space, get homesick.

3 I lost a watch belonging to cousin.

4 A man, smelling of coffee, sat down next to me.

5 The debates, shown live on TV, will help voters to decide.

6 He gave me a small box containing a key.

5. Rewrite the underlined clauses as participle clauses.

The train that is arriving at platform 4 is the 9.30 to London Paddington.


grandfather owns a vintage scooter, which was made in the 1960s.


The new uniforms, which the flight attendants have designed, look extremely comfortable.


She left the bag which contained all of her travel documents on the coach.


Passengers who are travelling to Manchester will need to change at Birmingham New Street.


Tickets which are booked a month in advance have a 10% discount.


The three girls who were injured in the car accident have already been sent home from hospital.


Computers who wish to purchase a season ticket can apply for it online.


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1 arriving at platform 4

made in the 1960s

3 designed by the flight attendants

containing all of her travel documents

5 travelling to Manchester

6 booked a month in advance

7 injured in the car accident

wishing to purchase a season ticket