English Grammar Exercises for B1- have something done

1. Order the words to make sentences with have something done.

You look different. (had / you / your / dyed / hair / have)?


There’s room for you all to stay at our house this year. (extension / we’ve / built / an / had).


I can’t text you. (phone / had / I’ve / stolen / ).


He’s started wearing glasses. (tested / eyes / had / his / he’s).


I couldn’t open parents’ front door. (locks / they / had / the / changed)!


This is a great photo. (can / copy / have / made / we / a)?


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1 Have you had your hair dyed?

We’ve had an extension built.

I’ve had phone stolen.

He’s had his eyes tested.

5 They had had the locks changed.

6 Can we have a copy made?

2. Complete the text with the words in brackets and have something done.

The British TV show 10 Years Younger helps members of the public to change their appearance and look younger. At the start of the show, the participants 1 _____ (their age / guess) by a hundred members of the public. They then 2 _____ (their hair / do) by top hairdressers. They also 3 _____ (new clothes / choose) by fashion experts. If necessary, they 4 _____ (their teeth / fix) by a dentist. Some of them even 5 _____ (some work / do) on their face by a cosmetic surgeon. At the end of the show, they 6 _____ (their appearance / judge) by a hundred strangers again to see if they look younger. The show is popular, although it has also been criticised for focusing too much on appearance.

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1 have their age guessed   2 have their hair done

3 have new clothes chosen   4 have their teeth fixed

5 have some work done   6 have their appearance judged

3. Complete the sentences with the words below, have something done and the words in brackets.

dye      paint      publish      remove      steal

grandfather has written an interesting book. He ________. (should / it).

The graffiti on our house looks terrible. We really ________. (must / it).

She used to have blonde hair, but she ________. (must / it).

Your bedroom looks too dark. You ________. (should / the walls).

You shouldn’t leave your bike unlocked. You ________. (might / it).

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1 should have it published   2 must have it removed

3 we had them stolen   4 should have the walls painted

5 might have your flat burgled

4. Complete the sentences with the correct reflexive pronouns to add emphasis.

All the food at our café is home-made. We even bake the bread ______________

It’s a modern frame, but the painting ______________ is nearly 300 years old.

I don’t really like old buildings, but the designs ______________ can be quite attractive.

I don’t understand modern poetry. I’m sure the poets ______________ don’t know what the mean!

5 It doesn’t have to be a professional photo. Just send them a photo that you took ______________

6 She wrote the words and the music on her new album, and played all the instruments ______________

It’s a fantastic piece of music. The composer ______________ thought it was his best work.

You and your friends can sing better than most people on this talent show. You should enter it ______________ next year!

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1 ourselves   2 itself   3 themselves   4 themselves

5 yourself   6 herself   7 himself   8 yourselves

5. Complete the sentences with reflexive pronouns and the correct form of the verbs below.

feed      film      give      injure      see      tell

1 I can’t walk. I ______________ playing football yesterday.

2 It can be scary being alone in the house, but I ______________ that there is nothing to be afraid of.

3 The twins are two years old now, and they can ______________ with a spoon.

4 sister ______________ dancing and posted it on YouTube.

5 Turn that music down or you might ______________ a headache!

6 I’m a good musician, but I can’t ______________ doing it professionally.

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1 injured self   2 told self   3 feed themselves

4 filmed herself   5 give yourself   6 see self

6. Complete the dialogues with the correct form of have something done using the verbs in brackets.

1   A  Have you been to the optician’s recently?

b Yes, I ______________ last week. (test / eyes)

2   A  How often do you have your flat cleaned?

b We ______________ twice a week. (clean / it)

3   A  How long have you been wearing earrings?

b I ______________ since I was six. (pierced / ears)

4   A  Why can’t you use your games console?

b It isn’t working, so I ________ (repair / it)

5   A  How old were you in that photo?

b mum ______________ when I was ten. (take / it)

6   A  When is your room being decorated?

b I ______________ next weekend. (decorate / it)

7   A  Why are you calling the bank?

b I ______________ (steal / credit card)

8   A  How often do you go to the hairdresser’s?

b I ______________ every two months. (cut / hair)

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1 had eyes tested   2 have it cleaned

3 have had ears pierced   4 ’m having it repaired

5 had it taken   6 ’m having it decorated

7 ’ve had credit card stolen   8 have hair cut

7. Complete the sentences with the correct reflexive pronouns.

He cut ______________ when he was making a sandwich.

mother hasn’t had time to iron shirt, so I’ll have to do it ______________

If no one else is home, you and your brother will have to make dinner ______________

When sister’s bike broke, she repaired it ______________

Do you go to the hairdresser’s, or do you dye your hair ______________?

They were late for the match because they didn’t give ______________ enough time.

The only way the cat could have got out is by opening the door ______________

Before we moved into our new flat, we painted it ______________

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1 himself   2 self   3 yourselves   4 herself

5 yourself   6 themselves   7 itself   8 ourselves