English Grammar Exercises for B1- Defining relative clauses

1. Complete the sentences with who, which, where, or whose.

That’s the hospital ________. dad works.

He is someone ________. face is familiar, but I can’t remember his name.

Do you know a shop ________. I can buy printer paper?

The essay ________. Tom wrote got top marks.

The boy ________. sits next to me in class is from Warsaw.

I know a girl ________. plays tennis six times a week.

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1 where   2 whose   3 where   4 which   5 who   6 who

2. Circle the correct relative pronouns. If both answers are correct, circle both.

Amelia Humfress is a young entrepreneur 1 whowhich has just turned 24, and 2 whosewho aim is to make her company, Steer, the best in the world for teaching people how to make their own websites. The courses 3 whichthat she offers vary from web design to computer coding. The idea for the company came to her when she was looking for a course 4 wherewhich she could learn about web design. It was a plan 5 that / which grew slowly, and at first she lacked the confidence to start the company. But she found an office 6 wherethat she could start the business, and the business grew quickly. She thinks that more young people should set up their own businesses and that it’s often a lack of confidence 7 thatwho holds them back.

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1 who   2 whose   3 which / that   4 where

5 that / which   6 where   7 that

3. Some of the sentences are incorrect. Rewrite them correctly. Tick the correct sentences.

A computer is a machine that can perform calculations.


This is the town where I was born there.


That’s the woman who she dropped her handbag.


The cheese which I bought smell really bad.


That’s the boy who his dad is a newsagent.


Where’s the book which I left it on the table?


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2 This is the town where I was born.

3 That’s the woman who dropped her handbag.

4 The cheese which I bought smells/smelt really bad.

5 That’s the boy whose dad is a newsagent.

6 Where’s the book which I left on the table?

4. Join the two sentences with a relative pronoun (who, which, where, or whose).

1 I’ve lost the DVD. You gave it to me.

 I’ve lost the DVD which you have me.

2 Jo has an expensive car. She keeps it in the garage.


3 Who’s that man? He’s looking at us.


4 I opened the cupboard. We keep the glasses there.


5 That’s the girl. I saw you with her.


6 Who is the boy? You copied his homework.


7 Website designer is a job. It attracts young people.


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2 Jo has an expensive car which she keeps in the garage.

Who’s that man who’s looking at us?

I opened the cupboard where we keep the glasses.

That’s the girl who I saw you with.

Who is the boy whose homework you copied?

Website designer is a job which attracts a lot of young people.

5. Complete questions 1-8 with clauses a-h. Add a relative pronoun only where necessary.

Is this the phone you used to text me?

What’s the name of the hotel ________

Is Jake the boy ________

This is the jacket ________

Do you like people ________

Can you fetch the DVD ________

Is that the woman ________

Is that the café ________

I wore to Beth’s party.

show lots of initiative?

you used to text me?

you introduced me to a few days ago?

husband works in France?

f   is on the shelf in the living room?

we stayed last summer?

you met Sam?

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2 where we stayed last summer?

who you introduced me to a few days ago?

4 I wore to Beth’s party.

who shows lots of initiative?

6 which is on the shelf in the living room?

7 whose husband works in France?

8 where you met Sam?

6. Complete the dialogues with who, which, where and whose. Where it is possible to omit the pronoun, write ‘no pronoun’.

1   A  Who were you talking to on the high street?

b The woman ____________ owns the English Acade.

2   A  What’s in that package?

b It’s the book ____________ I ordered online.

3   A  Which restaurant are we going to tonight?

b The one ____________ we celebrated your birthday.

4   A  Who’s that?

b She’s the girl ____________ mother works in the post office.

5   A  Where are your notes?

b I lent them to the student ____________ I sit next to.

6   A  Who is that letter from?

b It’s from a company ____________ might give me a summer job.

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1 who   2 no pronoun   3 where   4 whose

5 no pronoun   6 which