English Grammar Exercises for B1- Comparison

1. Look at the chart and complete the sentences with the correct form of the adverbs and adjectives in brackets.

















Charlie is ____________ (intelligent) than Harry.

Harry runs ____________ (fast) of the three boys.

Charlie paints ____________ (skilful) than Mike.

Charlie is ____________ (strong) than Mike.

Mike is ____________ (intelligent) of the three boys.

Mike runs ____________ (fast) than Charlie.

Harry is ____________ (strong) of the three boys.

Harry paints ____________ (skilful) of the three boys.

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1 less intelligent   2 the fastest   3 less skilfully

4 stronger   5 the most intelligent   6 faster

7 the least strong   8 the most skilfully

2. Complete the sentences with the phrases in the box to make comparisons.

as it was when I bought it.      she was as a child.

than there were five years ago.      than he used to be.

than it used to be.      than I was before.

boyfriend’s more confident __than he used to be. _________

This watch isn’t as accurate _________

She’s slimmer than _________

I’m happier in new job _________

There are fewer cars in the town centre now _________

This jacket is less cool _________

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as it was when I bought it.

she was as a child.

than I was before.

than there were five years ago.

than it used to be.

3. Use the words to make superlative sentences with the present perfect.

1   She be / interesting / person / I / ever/ meet

     She’s the most interesting person I’ve ever met.

2   That be / exciting / film / I / ever / see


3   This be / unreliable / car / we / ever / buy


4   He be / funny / man / she / ever / work with


5   That be / expensive / present / he / ever / receive


6   That be / good / meal / I / ever / eat


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That’s the most exciting film I’ve ever seen.

This is the most unreliable car we’ve ever bought.

He’s the funniest man she’s ever worked with.

That’s the most expensive present he’s ever received.

That’s the best meal I’ve ever eaten.

4. Complete the sentences with comparative forms of the words in brackets.

1   The __harder__ you study, the __faster__ you learn. (hard, fast)

2   The __________ he waited, the __________ he became. (long, impatient)

3   The __________ the weather, the __________ I feel. (warm, good)

4   The __________ we got to the exam room, the __________ we felt. (near, nervous)

5   The __________ the music, the __________ the crowd became. (loud, excited)

6   The __________ the match, the __________ the players get. (important, aggressive)

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2 longer, more impatient

3 warmer, better

4 nearer, more nervous

5 louder, more excited

6 more important, more aggressive

5. Complete the sentences with a double comparative. Use the adjectives in the box.

bad      big      crowed      dangerous      expensive

Cities are becoming __more and more crowded____

Your feet are getting ________ .

London is getting ________ because of crime.

Tom’s marks are getting ________ .

Petrol is getting ________ .

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bigger and bigger

more and more dangerous

worse and worse

more and more expensive


Write four sentences comparing yourself with your best friend. Use comparative adjectives and adverbs.