English Grammar Exercises for A2 – will and going to

1. Match sentences 1-5 with the decisions, offers and promises (a-e). Complete a-e with will or won’t and the verbs below.

be      carry      have      help      lose

This bag is very heavy.

See you at eight o’clock.

You can borrow phone.

I can’t do this maths calculation.

What would you like to drink?

I ________ it for you.

OK. I ________ late!

Show it to me and I ________ you.

I ________ lemonade, please.

Thanks! I ________ it.

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1 a, ’ll carry,   2 b, won’t be   3 e, won’t tell

4 c, ’ll help   5 d, ’ll have

2. Circle will or going to to complete the predictions.

1 I don’t think Chelsea willaregoingto win the Champions League next year. Their team isn’t strong enough.

2 Look at those clouds. It ‘ll‘s going to snow.

3 Kat hasn’t done any revision. She won’tisn’tgoingto pass her exams.

4 That car is going much too fast! It ‘ll‘s going to crash!

5willamgoingto email you tonight – I promise!

6 Jack’s holding a tennis racket. He ‘ll‘s going to play tennis!

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1 will   2 ’s going to   3 isn’t going to

4 ’s going to   5 will   6 ’s going to

3. Look at the pictures and complete the predictions with the affirmative or negative form of going to.


She ________. fall.


The cat ________. catch the mouse.


They ________. arrive on time.


He ________. have lunch.


He ________. win.

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1 ‘s going to   2 ’s going to   3 aren’t going to

4 ’s going to   5 isn’t going to

4. Complete the mini-dialogues. Use will or going to and the verbs below.

buy      close      have      sleep      text      visit

Kate     Are you going to Kim’s party tonight?

Toby    I’m not sure. I 1 _____. you this afternoon and let you know.

Zoe       We’ve run out of milk.

Marcus I know. I 2 _____. some this afternoon. It’s already on the shopping list.

Alex     The blue jeans are £20 and the black ones are £22.

Issy   3 _____. the blue ones, please.

Fred     What are you doing in the summer holidays?

Emily  4 _____. cousin in the USA.

George It’s freezing in here!

A     OK, I 5 _____. the window.

Kelly  Have you got any plans for Sunday morning?

Darren Yes, I 6 _____. all morning!

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1 ’ll text   2 ’m going to buy   3 ’ll have

4 ’m going to visit   5 ’ll close   6 ’m going to sleep

5. Complete the sentences with will or going to and the verbs in brackets.

1   The sky is so black! It ________ (rain)

2   Are you busy? I ______________ the phone for you. (answer)

3   I’ve decided that I ______________ for a year before I start university. (travel)

4   Yes, take the job. I don’t think you ______________ it. (regret)

5   I promise I ______________ you every day while I’m away. (text)

6 I can’t keep quiet. I ______________ boss what I think. (tell)

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1 is going to rain   2 will answer   3 am going to travel

4 will regret   5 will text   6 am going to tell

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