English Grammar Exercises for A2 – some, any, much, many, a lot of, a little, a few

1. Complete the text with some and any.


Sea levels are rising, and 1 _____ major cities – like New York and London – are in danger. There aren’t 2 _____ easy answers to this problem, but scientists are looking at 3 _____ possibilities. For example, the strange things in the photo are called Lilypad Cities and they float on the surface of the ocean. They’re a kind of eco-city. They only use clean energy, so they don’t create 4 _____ pollution. And there aren’t 5 _____ cars – in fact, there aren’t 6 _____ roads. But there are 7 _____ footpaths. When the residents want 8 _____ exercise, they go for a walk in the artificial mountains. There are certainly 9 _____ big advantages to living in a Lilypad City. But sadly, there aren’t 10 _____ plans to build one yet.

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1 some   2 any   3 some   4 any   5 any   6 any   7 some

8 some   9 some   10 any

2. Choose the correct alternatives.

Come on! Our bus leaves in five minutes. We haven’t got a littlemuch time.

We’re going to spend a fewmany days in Rome next week.

mum’s job is boring, but she earns a lot ofmuch money.

There aren’t a fewmany houses in the city centre.

dad always adds a littlemuch chilli sauce to his food.

I couldn’t find a seat on the train because there were lots ofa few people on it.

The fridge is nearly empty, but there are a fewmany eggs.

Is there mucha little pollution in your city?

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1 much   2 a few   3 a lot of   4 many   5 a little   6 lots of

7 a few   8 much

3. Choose the correct words to complete the sentences.

1 It’s hard to find your way around town because there aren’t many ________

a traffic      b road signs      c information

2 There are lots of expensive __________ in village.

a houses      b transport      c scenery

3 There are lots of __________ in the city centre.

a pollution      b billboards      c noise

4 At night, you don’t see many __________ in the centre.

a public transport     b traffic      c people

5 They don’t have much __________ in their new flat.

a bedrooms      b people      c space

6 His parents give him a few __________ every week.

a pounds      b money      c help

7 The pizza restaurant closed down because it was only making a little ________

a pizzas      b meals      c money

8 Is there usually much __________ in town?

a people     b traffic      c buses

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1 b   2 a   3 b   4 c   5 c   6 a   7 c   8 b

4. Circle the correct alternatives in the text.

I live in a place called North Leyton. It’s a quiet town. There are 1 a fewa little restaurants and cafés in the centre, but there aren’t 2anymuch nightclubs. There aren’t 3 a fewmany shops in North Leyton, so most people go to the shopping centre out of town. It’s easy to get to because there are 4 a littlelots of buses.

There are 5 lots ofmuch good things about living in a quiet town. There isn’t 6 somemuch pollution. And there’s 7 anysome beautiful scenery just outside the town. At weekends, I spend 8 a fewa lot of time riding mountain bike through the countryside.

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1 a few   2 any   3 many   4 lots of   5 lots of   6 much

7 some   8 a lot of


Write a short description of your town like the one in exercise 4. Include all of the words in the box.

nightclub(s)      shops      restaurants      traffic