English Grammar Exercises for A2 – Past simple (negative and interrogative)

1. Complete the sentences with the correct negative past simple form of the verbs in brackets.

We ________. (get) to the hotel in time for dinner.

Our team ________. (win) the last match of the season.

It was a long film, but I ________. (feel) bored.

They ________. (spend) all their money on holiday.

aunt ________. (be) at the family wedding last weekend.

Our teacher ________. (give) us a lot of homework.

It ________. (rain) at all last month.

I enjoyed the film, but I ________. (can) understand all of the dialogue.

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1 didn’t get   2 didn’t win   3 didn’t feel   4 didn’t spend

5 wasn’t   6 didn’t give   7 didn’t rain   8 couldn’t

2. Complete the first part of each sentence with the correct past simple negative form.

1 I didn’t go skiing last winter, I went snowboarding.

2 Einstein ________. in 1965, he died in 1955.

3 The holidays ________. yesterday, they began last week.

4 grandparents ________. born in Russia, they were born in Germany.

5 I ________. ‘thirteen’, I said ‘thirty’.

6 We ________. the first half of the match, but we saw the second half.

7 At the age of five, I ________. ride a bike, but I could ski.

8 It ________. warm yesterday, but it was sunny.

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2 didn’t die   3 didn’t begin   4 weren’t born

5 didn’t say   6 didn’t see   7 couldn’t

8 wasn’t

3. Make these sentences true for you. Use the past simple affirmative or negative form of the verbs in brackets.

I ________. (can) swim when I was five.

Last weekend, I ________. (do) a lot of homework.

Five years ago, I ________. (be) a student at this school.

Ten years ago, I ________. (live) in a different town.

I ________. (make) own breakfast this morning.

I ________. (choose) the clothes I’m wearing now.

Last night, I ________. (go) out with friends.

When I was six, I ________. (study) English.

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1 could / couldn’t   2 did / didn’t do   3 was / wasn’t

4 lived / didn’t live   5 made / didn’t make

6 chose / didn’t choose   7 went / didn’t go

8 studied / didn’t study

4. Complete the dialogue with the question words below.

how often      what      when      where      which      who      why

Mia      Hi, Henry. 1 _________ did you do at the weekend?

Henry  I went to the beach on Saturday.

Mia      That’s nice! 2 _________ did you go with?

Henry  Matt and Alex.

Mia      Alex West? 3 _________ do you see him?

Henry  Only two or three times a year. He doesn’t live near here any more.

Mia      4 _________ does he live now?

Henry  In London.

Mia      Does he? 5 _________ part of London?

Henry  I’m not sure. North London, I think.

Mia      6 _________ did he move?

Henry  I think his mum got a new job. Anyway, 7 _________ did you last see him?

Mia      Oh, about two years ago.

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1 What   2 Who   3 how often   4 Where   5 Which

6 Why   7 when

5. Put the words in order to make questions. Then write answers that are true for you.

homework / how much / last / did / you / night / do / ?



with / travel / did / to / school / you / who / today / ?



best / meet / where / you / did / friend / your / ?



first / teacher / who / your / was / English / ?



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1 how much homework did you do last night?

2 Who did you travel to school with today?

3 Where did you meet your best friend?

4 Who was your first English teacher?

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6. Read the sentences. Then write questions for the given answers.

1 Jack gave his old bike to his sister.

  Q:   What did Jack give his sister?

  A:   His old bike.

2 Sam had dinner early because he was hungry.

  Q:   _________?

  A:   He was hungry.

3 Mason and Tyler went to London together.

  Q:   _________?

  A:   He went with Tyler.

4 Grace listened to three Lady Gaga CDs.

  Q:   _________?

  A:   Three.

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2 Why did Samuel have dinner early?

3 Who did mason go to London with?

4 how many Lady Gaga CDs did Grace listen to?

7. Complete the dialogues with the correct negative or interrogative past simple form of the verbs in brackets.

1   A1 _______ (you / go) to the cinema last night?

b No, I 2 _______ (go) in the end. I got home from work so late that there 3 _______ (be) enough time.

2   A They announced the winners of the art competition yesterday. 4 _______ (you / win) a prize?

b No, I 5 _______ (win) anything, but I 6 _______ (expect) to. I’m not very good at art.

3   A  7 _______ (David / tell) you his news when you spoke to him yesterday?

b No, he 8 _______ (say) much – just hello and goodbye.

a Well, he 9 _______ (pass) his exams. Maybe he 10 _______ (want) you to know.

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1 Did you go; didn’t go; wasn’t

Did you win; didn’t win; didn’t expect

3 Did David tell; didn’t say; passed; didn’t want