English Vocabulary Exercises for A1 – home


1. Label the parts of the home (1-13) with the words below.

bathroom      basement      bedroom      dining room      garage

garden      hall      kitchen      living room      loft      study      toilet

utility room

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1 loft   2 bedroom   3 bathroom   4 study   5 toilet

6 garage   7 kitchen   8 dining room   9 living room

10 utility room   11 hall   12 basement   13 garden

2. Match a-z in the picture with the words (1-26) below.

1   bath

2   bed

3   bin

4   blinds

5   bookcase

6   c arpet

7   c hest of drawers

8   c lock

9   c ooker

10  cupboard

11  curtains

12  desk

13  dishwasher

14  hi-fi

15  lamp

16  light

17  mirror

18  rug

19  shelves

20  shower

21  sink

22  sofa

23  stool

24  toilet

25  wardrobe

26  washing machine

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1 f   2 d   3 s   4 I   5 l   6 w   7 c   8 t   9 r   10 n

11 x   12 j   13 q   14 u   15 k   16 y   17 b   18 a

19 p   20 h   21 m   22 v   23 z   24 g   25 e   26 o

3. Listen to a dialogue about an apartment. In which order do they visit these rooms? Number them from 1 to 6.



dining room


living room

utility room

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1 kitchen   2 utility room   3 dining room

4 living room   5 bathroom   6 bedroom

4. Listen again and complete the sentences from the dialogue. Use words from exercise 2.

1   The ________. looks really modern.

2   The ________.  are electric too.

3   That ________. is enormous!

4   The ________. on the wall is beautiful.

5   The ________. looks very comfortable.

6   The ________. are an unusual colour.

7   That ________. is very attractive.

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1 cooker   2 blinds   3 sink   4 mirror   5 sofa

6 curtains   7 light


Agent So, let’s start here. And as you can see, everything in this room is quite new.

Customer Yes. The cooker looks really modern. Is it electric?

A Yes, it is. Everything is electric, actually.

C You mean, like the fridge?

A Well, of course. But look. The blinds are electric too.

C That’s great! Er ___ is there a washing machine?

A Not in this room. But open this door, and ___

C Oh, that’s really nice.

A It’s not a big room, but it’s got everything you need. There are a few cupboards, there’s a washing machine ___

C That sink is enormous!

A Yes. It’s perfect for washing clothes. Shall we see the other rooms now?

C Yes, please.

A So, this is the next room. It’s got a table and chairs.

C The mirror on the wall is beautiful.

A Yes. It makes the room look larger.

C I can imagine having dinner in here with some friends.

A Yes, it’s perfect, isn’t it? And when you want to relax before or after dinner, you can bring your guests through to this other room ___

Oh, yes. Very nice. The sofa looks very comfortable. Er ___ the curtains are an unusual colour.

A Yes. You’ll probably want to change those. Anyway, let’s go upstairs. Follow me ___

Oh, yes. I love this. Very modern. That light is very attractive.

A Yes. And the bath and the shower are nice too.

Yes. Very nice. And what’s through this door?

A Yes, it is. After you ___

Oh, this is a good size. It’s a big bed! And is there a wardrobe?

A Yes, there is. The wardrobe is behind the door.

Oh, yes. I didn’t see it.

A So, what do you think?

C I love it. When can I move in?

Extra exercises

1. Circle the item that is not usually in the room.


a bed  b chest of drawers

     c cooker  d curtains


a bath  b desk

     c mirror   d toilet


a bin  b clock

     c sofa  d dishwasher


a carpet  b hi-fi

     c  shelves  d wardrobe


a blinds   chair

     c lamp   shower


a bookcase b cupboards

   c sink            d washing machine

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1 c   2 b   3 c   4 d   5 d   6 a

2. Match the definitions with the parts of a house below.

basement      dining room      garage      garden      hall      loft      utility room

1 a room where people eat ________.

2 the room in a house that is near the front door ________.

3 a room in a part of a building that is under the ground ________.

4 a part of a house where you keep your car ________.

5 the room under the roof of a house ________.

6 a piece of land by your house where you can grow flowers, fruit and vegetables ________.

7 a room where people often keep their washing machine ________.

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1 dining room   2 hall   3 basement   4 garage   5 loft

6 garden 7 utility room

3. Complete the sentences with the words below.

basic      daily      free      next-door      sandy      tropical

1 One of best friends is ________. neighbour.

2 The shop in the villages sells ________. supplies, but you have to go into the town to find a supermarket.

The south of Spain is famous for its ________. beaches.

Curaҫao is a ________. island in the Caribbean.

_____. life in Antarctica is hard because of the extreme cold.

What do you enjoy doing in your ________. time?

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1 next-door   2 basic   3 sandy   4 tropical   5 daily   6 free

4. Match the sentences (1-6) with the phrases (a-f).

You can easily get three cars in their garage.

You can’t stand up in the loft.

That room has a lot of windows.

Our living room is warm and comfortable.

There are a lot of clothes on the floor of your room.

You can’t see anything in the basement.

a   It’s cosy.

It’s uncomfortable.

c   It’s dark.

It’s large.

It’s untidy.

f   It’s bright.

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1 d   2 b   3 f   4 a   5 e   6 c