English Vocabulary Exercises for A1 – Clothes

1. Find fifteen more items of clothing in the wordsearch and write them below.



1   _____.

2   _____.

3   _____.

4   _____.

5   _____.

6   _____.

7   _____.

8   _____.

9   _____.

10 _____.

11 _____.

12 _____.

13 _____.

14 _____.

15 _____.

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trousers, boots, skirt, jacket, leggings, trainers, scarf, tracksuit,

jumper, jeans, socks, sweatshirt, cardigan, shorts, pyjamas

2. Write three items of clothing which:

only girls and women usually wear.


people often wear to do sport.


people often wear on a cold day.


people often wear on a hot, sunny day.

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(Possible answers)

1 dress, skirt, leggings   2 trainers, tracksuit, shorts

3 scarf, boots, coat   4 cap, T-shirt, shorts

3. Look at the pictures (A-F). Are the sentences true (T) or false (F)?.


1 The girl with the cap has got a long coat.

2 The boy with the shorts hasn’t got socks.

3 They boy with the cap has got trainers.

4 The girl with the jacket has got a long skirt.

5 The girl with the dress has got a cardigan.

6 They boy with the scarf has got jeans.

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1 F   2 F   3 T   4 F   5 T   6 T

4. Listen and match the names with pictures A-F in exercise 3. Write the letters in the boxes.

1   Ava

2   Ethan

3   Zoe

4   Logan

5   Mia

6   Lucas

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1 C   2 A   3 F   4 E   5 B   6 D

5. Listen again. For each teenager, find one item of clothing in the picture that is not in the description.

Ave has got a cap.

Ethan ________.

Zoe ________.

Logan ________.

Mia ________.

Lucas ________.

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2 Ethan has got socks.

3 Zoe has got boots.

4 Logan has got trainers.

5 Mia has got shoes.

6 Lucas has got trainers.


1  Ava Ava has got a jacket. She’s got a skirt and boots.

2  Ethan Ethan has got a T-shirt and shorts. He’s got trainers too.

3  Zoe Zoe has got a jumper and black trousers.

4  Logan Logan has got a scarf. He’s got a sweatshirt and jeans.

5  Mia Mia has got a dress and a cardigan.

6  Lucas Lucas has got a cap and a tracksuit.

6. Look at the photo. Write a description of the woman’s clothes or the man’s clothes.


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He has got a jumper, jeans and shoes. He’s got a jacket.

She’s got a T-shirt, jeans and boots. She’s got a scarf.

Extra exercises

1. Circle the words that are different.

boots      scarf      shoes

cardigan      jumper      skirt

dress      jeans      leggings

coat      jacket      shorts

cap      socks      hat

tie      tracksuit      trainers

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1 scarf   2 skirt   3 dress   4 shorts   5 socks   6 tie

2. Complete the sentences with the adjectives below.

dark      long      plain      short-sleeved      smart      tight

1 I’m wearing a dress to job interview because I need to look ________

2 You have to wear ________ trousers to the restaurant. You can’t wear shorts.

3 This jacket is ________ It isn’t very comfortable.

4 Wear a ________ shirt to the barbecue. It’s a beautiful day.

5 People in country usually wear ________ colours in the winter and lighter colours in the summer.

6 I’m looking for a ________ white T-shirt to wear under this jumper.

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1 smart   2 long   3 tight   4 short-sleeved   5 dark   6 plain

3. Choose the correct word to complete the sentences.

1 brother is a femalemale model.

2 That photo is fakereal . You haven’t really got blue eyes.

3 It’s an ordinarya special day, so I’m going to the hairdresser’s in the morning.

4 Kate hasn’t really got fair hair. It isn’t her artificialnatural colour.

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1 male   2 fake   3 a special   4 natural

4. Complete the sentences with the negative form of the adjectives below.

friendly      happy      kind      necessary      tidy      usual

Those children are very __________ They say bad things to people who are different from them.

Lily is __________ with her new haircut. It’s very short.

I think make-up is __________ I prefer to look natural.

The shop assistants are very __________ in that shop. I never buy clothes there.

Sam can’t find his favourite T-shirt. His room’s very __________

cousin’s clothes are __________ She often makes them herself.

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1 unkind   2 unhappy   3 unnecessary   4 unfriendly

5 untidy   6 unusual

5. Complete the dialogues with the words below.

afraid     busy     cool     fancy     how     idea     let’s     love     shall     sounds


Chloe Do you 1 _____ Playing tennis this afternoon?

Poppy I’m 2 _____ I can’t. I’m going swimming with sister.

Chloe What about tomorrow afternoon?

Poppy Yes, I’d 3 _____ to. 4 _____ I book a tennis court?

Chloe Great 5 _____!


Mark6 _____ Go to the new burger bar tomorrow.

Sean Sorry. I’m 7 _____ I’m going to the beach with cousins.

Mark8 _____ about going bowling in the evening?

Sean That 9 _____ fun.

Mark Come to house at 7.30. We can go together.

Sean10 _____

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1 fancy   2 afraid   3 love   4 Shall   5 idea   6 Let’s

7 busy   8 How   9 sounds   10 Cool