English Word Skills Exercises for A1 – Words that go together

1. Complete the collocations with the verbs below.

buy     catch     get on     get out of     go by     go up     take     travel to

_____. taxi / bus / tram / train / plane, etc.

get to / ________. school / work / London

_____. / get off a train / a bus / a tram, etc.

get in / ________. a car / a taxi / a van, etc.

_____. the stairs / the escalator

_____. a ticket

_____. a taxi / a train / a tram, etc.

_____. a bus / a plane, etc. (but not a taxi)

cross     drive     give     go     lose     miss     ride     wait for

9   _____. a train / a bus / a tram / a plane, etc.

10  _____. on foot

11  _____. a bicycle / a scooter / a horse, etc.

12  _____. your way

13  _____. the road / street

14  _____. to work / into town / to London

15  _____. a bus / a tram / a train, etc.

16  _____. somebody a lift

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1 go by 2 travel to 3 get on 4 get out of 5 go up

6 buy  7 take 8 catch  9 miss / wait for 10 go

11 ride  12 lose 13 cross 14 drive 15 wait for / miss

16 give

2. Complete the texts with the words below.


a lift      by bus      school      the bus       work

Millie: How do I get to 1 _____? That depends. mum drives to 2 _____ on Mondays, Tuesday and Wednesdays, so she gives me 3 _____ On Thursdays and Fridays, I go 4 _____ If I miss 5 _____, then I have to walk.

a tram      bicycle      for a tram      the road

Jacob: In the winter I always take 6 _____ to school. It’s the best way. It stops in front of flat – I only have to cross 7 _____ I never have to wait long 8 _____ in the morning. In summer I sometimes walk or ride 9 _____

a ticket      a train      on foot      the train

Daisy: I live a long way from the school, so I have to walk to the station and catch 10 _____ I buy 11 _____ in September at the start of the school year. I get off 12 _____ Near school and then go 13 _____ The journey takes an hour.

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1 school 2 work 3 a lift 4 by bus 5 the bus  6 a tram

7 the road  8 for a tram  9 bicycle 10 a train

11 a ticket 12 the train 13 on foot

3. Answer the questions.

How do you usually get to school?


How do your parents usually get to work?


When you go shopping, how do you usually get to the shops?


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1 What time do you get to London?

2 Taxis are expensive, but I always take a taxi to town.

3 I usually arrive home at 4.40 in the afternoon.

4 Take a map with you so you don’t lose your way.

5 mum arrives at / gets to work at nine o’clock.

6 Joe is waiting for the bus at the bus stop.

7 The plane arrives in Italy at ten o’clock.

8 Sally usually goes on foot to school.

4. Find and underline one mistake in each sentence. Rewrite the sentences correctly.

What time do you arrive to London? ✗


Taxis are expensive, but I always catch a taxi to town. ✗


I usually arrive to home at 4.40 in the afternoon. ✗


Take a map with you so you don’t miss your way. ✗


mum arrives to work at nine o’clock. ✗


Joe is waiting the bus at the bus stop. ✗


The plane arrives at Italy at ten o’clock. ✗


Sally usually walks on foot to school. ✗


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1 ferry, moped 2 flight attendant, ticket collector

3 coach station, taxi rank 4 depart, land

5 book a ticket, change trains


You can record and learn words by topic. For example, for the topic of transport, you can record forms of transport (e.g. bus), jobs (e.g. driver), places (e.g. station), verbs (e.g. drive), collocations (e.g. catch a bus).

5. Read the Vocab boost! box. Then put the words and phrases below into the correct groups.

book a ticket      change trains      coach station      depart      ferry

flight attendant      land      moped      taxi rank      ticket collector

Topic: Travel

Forms of transport: bus, train, plane, ____________

Jobs: pilot, driver, ________.

Places: train station, motorway, ____________

Verbs: fly, walk, ride, ____________

Collocations: buy a ticket, lose your way, ____________

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your own answers

6. Match the first parts of sentences 1-6 with the second parts (a-f).

1 Let’s go

2 Don’t lose

3 Can you give

4 Don’t get off

5 Don’t miss

6 Get in

a me a lift, please?

b your way in the park!

c the last train!

d the car quickly.

e the train here.

on foot.

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1 F  2 B  3456 D