English Grammar Exercises for A1 – Past simple affirmative: regular verbs

1. Write the past simple forms in the correct group.

chat      phone      plan      play      reply      smile      tidy      walk

add -ed

1 _____2 _____

add -d

3 _____4 _____


5 _____6 _____

double consonant and add -ed

7 _____8 _____

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add -ed     played, walked

add -d     phoned, smiled

-y ➞ -ied     replied, tidied

double consonant and add -ed     chatted, planned

2. Complete the sentences. Use the past simple form of the verbs in the box.

chat      cry      dance      invite      start      study      wash

I __________ twenty friends to party.

I __________ to friends at the café.

dad __________ German at school.

Harriet __________ at the end of the sad film.

Sam __________ with Emma at the night club.

George __________ his hair this morning.

Our English lesson __________ at 9.30.

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1 invited   2 chatted   3 studied   4 cried   5 danced

6 washed   7 started

3. Complete the story. Use the past simple form of the verbs in brackets.


A police officer was in a park in the centre of the town. She 1 _____ (notice) a boy and girl with a baby elephant. The police officer was very surprised. ‘What are you doing with that elephant?’ she 2 _____ (ask). ‘You should take it to the zoo.’

‘OK,’ the boy and girl 3 _____ (agree), and they 4 _____ (hurry) off.

The next day, the police officer was in town again when the same boy and girl 5 _____ (appear). The elephant was still with them. The police officer was annoyed.

‘Hey!’ she called, ‘You 6 _____ (promise) to take that elephant to the zoo!’

‘Yes,’ 7 _____ (reply) the children, ‘we 8 _____ (visit) the zoo yesterday and the elephant 9 _____ (enjoy) it. So today we’re taking him to the museum.’

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1 noticed   2 asked   3 agreed   4 hurried   5 appeared

6 promised   7 replied   8 visited   9 enjoyed

4. Complete the time expressions with the words in the box.

afternoon      ago      before      last      month      years      yesterday

1 four years __________

2 _____ night

3 yesterday __________

4 two __________ ago

5 _____ morning

6 last __________

7 the day __________ yesterday.

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1 ago   2 last   3 afternoon   4 years   5 yesterday   6 month

7 before

5. Rewrite the sentences. Use the past simple and the time expressions in brackets.

I play volleyball at weekends. (last weekend)

     I played volleyball last weekend.

I cycle to school every day. (yesterday morning)


I usually stay in on Sunday evenings. (last night)


Andy sometimes tidies his bedroom on Sunday evenings. (on Saturday evening)


The bus stops outside our house. (five minutes ago)


I listen to the radio every morning. (yesterday afternoon)


It always rains a lot in Scotland. (last month)


School finishes at four o’clock. (half an hour ago)


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I cycled to school yesterday morning.

I stayed in last night.

Andy tidied his bedroom on Saturday evening.

The bus stopped outside our house five minutes ago.

I listened to the radio yesterday afternoon.

It rained a lot in Scotland last month.

School finished half an hour ago.


Write five sentences. Use the past simple and five time expressions from exercises 4 and 5.

1 _____


2 _____


3 _____


4 _____


5 _____