English Grammar Exercises for A1 – Present simple (affirmative)

1. Complete the descriptions using the present simple affirmative form of the verbs in brackets. Can you match each description with a TV show below?

3rd Rock from the Sun     Friends     How I Met Your Mother

The Simpsons     Two and a Half Men

1 3rd Rock from the Sun

      Dick Solomon and his family are not really humans: they ________ (come) from another part of the universe. But they ________ (live) on Earth and ________ (study) humans. Dick ________ (teach) at a university.

2 _____

     The children ________ (go) to Springfield Elementary School and their father ________ (work) at a nuclear power plant.

3 _____

     Two friends, Joey and Chandler, ________ (share) an apartment. Rachel and Monica ________ (live) in the same block. Monica’s brother Ross often ________ (visit) them.

4 _____

     Ted Mosby ________ (live) in Manhattan. He ________ (go) out with lots of friends, but he only ________ (meet) his wife in the final series.

5 _____

     Charlie Harper ________ (live) in Malibu. His brother, Alan, ________ (come) to live with him and Alan’s son ________ (visit) at weekends.

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1 come, live, study, teaches  

2 The Simpsons: go, works

3 Friends: share, live, visits

4 How I Met Your Mother: lives, goes, meets

5 Two and a Half Men: lives, comes, visits

2. Write the third person singular forms of the verbs below.

enjoy ________

have ________

finish ________

study ________

know ________

go ________

use ________

watch ________

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1 enjoys   2 has   3 finishes   4 studies   5 knows

6 goes   7 uses   8 watches

3. Complete the sentences with the third person singular forms from exercise 2.

1 uncle is from Paris and he ________ the city really well.

2 brother ________ to a music club every Monday.

3 little sister ________ a computer for her homework.

4 This lesson ________ at 3.05 p.m.

5 grandad ________ TV every evening.

6 cousin ________ piano lessons every weekend.

7 Our dog really ________ his walks.

8 best friend ________ at university in Istanbul.

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1 knows   2 goes   3 uses   4 finishes   5 watches

6 has   7 enjoys   8 studies

4. Complete the information with the present simple affirmative forms of the verbs in brackets.

1 I ________ (live) in Montreal with family. We ________ (speak) French at school, but I ________ (speak) English at home with family. mum ________ (work) in a shop and dad ________ (play) the guitar in a band.

2 I’m from Miami, Florida. I ________ (live) with parents and three brothers. grandma ________ (live) in the same street. She ________ (visit) us every day. She ________ (speak) Spanish.

3 I ________ (live) in Perth, in Australia. In the summer, I ________ (go) to the beach every day and I ________ (swim) in the sea. brother ________ (love) sport. He ________ (play) cricket for Western Australia juniors.

4 family and I ________ (live) in Aberdeen, in Scotland. We ________ (speak) English – but grandad ________ (know) Gaelic too. I ________ (play) the violin in a folk bank and sister ________ (sing). She ________ (dance) too!

5 I ________ (live) in Dublin, in Ireland. School ________ (finish) at three o’clock every day. After school, I ________ (ride) bike or I ________ (skateboard). Then I ________ (have) dinner with mum. dad ________ (work) in a hotel. He ________ (have) dinner at work.

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live, speak, speak, works, plays

2 live, lives, visits, speaks

live, go, swim, loves, plays

4 live, speak, knows, play, sings, dances

5 live, finishes, ride, skateboard, have, works, has

5. Write a short message about yourself like the ones in exercise 4. Use verbs from this page.





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6. Complete the text with the correct present simple affirmative form of the verbs below.

come     go     help     like     live     rain     see     speak     stay     win

best friend is David. He 1 _____ in the same block of flats as me, but he 2 _____ to a different school. We 3 _____ each other most weekends. We both 4 _____ football, so we often go to the park to play. When it 5 _____, we 6 _____ at home. David sometimes 7 _____ to house, but I usually go to his. We like playing video games together, and I usually 8 _____! David’s mum is from London, so he and his brother 9 _____ very good English. He often 10 _____ me with English homework.

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1 lives   2 goes   3 see   4 like   5 rains   6 stay

7 comes   8 win   9 speak   10 helps