English Grammar Exercises for A1 – Present perfect negative and interrogative

1. Make the sentences negative.

Luke has sent a postcard to his cousin.

 Luke hasn’t sent a postcard to his cousin.

I’ve don’t the washing-up.


We’ve bought a car.


They’ve had lunch.


You’ve tidied your bedroom.


It’s stopped raining.


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2 I haven’t done the washing-up.

3 We haven’t bought a car.

4 They haven’t had lunch.

5 You haven’t tidied your bedroom.

6 It hasn’t stopped raining.

2. Write replies with the present perfect affirmative and already.

1 Do your homework!

     I’ve already done it.

2 Can you phone Joanna?


3 Why don’t you buy the new Adele CD?


4 When are you going to have breakfast?


5 Please tidy your room.


6 Can you change the holiday money?


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2 I’ve already phoned her.   3 I’ve already bought it.

4 I’ve already had some.   5 I’ve already tidied it.

6 I’ve already changed it.

3. Toby Church and Lucy Hart are going to drive across the Sahara Desert. Listen to their conversation. Tick ✓ the things they have done.

Things to do

1 fill bottles with water

2 pack food

3 buy a map and compass

4 check the car

5 look at the weather report

6 phone parents

7 send text messages to friends

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1 ✗   2 ✓   3 ✓   4 ✗  5 ✗  6 ✓   7


Toby Where are the water bottles?

Lucy They’re here. But I haven’t filled them yet.

Toby What about the food? Have you packed it?

Lucy Yes, I have. It’s already in the car.

Toby And we’ve bought a compass and a map.

Lucy Yes, they’re in the car too.

Toby OK. I’m going to check the car in a minute.

Lucy And I’ll look at the weather report on laptop.

Toby OK. Have you phoned your parents yet?

Lucy Yes, I have. Have you phoned your parents?

Toby Yes. And I’m going to send text messages to friends.

Lucy Good idea. I’ll do that, too.

4. Write questions and answers about 1-7 in exercise 3. Use the present perfect and yet.

Have they filled bottles with water yet?

     No, they haven’t.













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2 Have they packed the food yet? Yes, they have.

3 Have they bought a map and compass yet? Yes, they have.

4 Have they checked the car yet? No, they haven’t.

5 Have they looked at the weather report yet? No, they haven’t.

6 Have they phoned their parents yet? Yes, they have.

7 Have they sent text messages to their friends yet? No, they haven’t.

5. Write sentences and questions. Use the present perfect and the words in brackets.

1 you / buy / a guidebook? (yet)

      Have you bought a guidebook yet?

2 I / write / some postcards (already)


3 he / not walk / along the River Thames (yet)


4 she / see / the Queen? (yet)


5 we / take / a coach tour (already)


6 you / visit / Buckingham Palace? (yet)


7 we / not find / our passports (yet)


8 you / spend / a day / on the beach (already)


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2 I’ve already written some postcards.

3 He hasn’t walked along the River Thames yet.

4 Has she seen the Queen yet?

5 We’ve already taken a coach tour.

6 Have you visited Buckingham Palace yet?

7 We haven’t found our passports yet.

8 We’ve already spent a day on the beach.


Write three things that you have already done today and three things that you have not done yet. Use the present perfect with already and yet.

1 _____

2 _____

3 _____

4 _____

5 _____

6 _____

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