English Grammar Exercises for A1 – Present perfect (affirmative)

1. Complete the text messages using the present perfect affirmative form of the verbs in brackets. All of the verbs are regular.


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1 has invited   2 ’s moved   3 has repaired   4 ’ve finished

5 ’ve tidied   6 ’ve started   7 ’ve emailed   8 ’s replied

2. Add these irregular past simple forms and past participles to the correct column in the table.

ate      forgotten      gave      written      come      been      broke      took

was / were      broken      seen      spoke      done      eaten      spoken

taken      came      did      forgot      given      saw      wrote

Infinitive without to

Past simple

Past participle












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be was / were, been    break broke, broken    come came, come

do did, done    eat ate, eaten    forget forgot, forgotten

give gave, given    see saw, seen    speak spoke, spoken

take took, taken    write wrote, written

3. Complete the sentences. Use the present perfect affirmative form of verbs from exercise 2.

sister can’t run because she ________. her leg.

I can’t connect to the Wi-Fi network because I ________. password.

brother and sister ________. home from university for the summer.

We ________. to the hotel manager and he is going to find a better room for us.

He ________. a really big lunch, and now he just wants to sleep!

Have we got any homework? I don’t know because I ________. ill.

parents ________. some amazing photos of our holiday.

I ________. your phone number on hand, so I can call you later.

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1 ’s broken   2 ’ve forgotten   3 have come   4 ’ve spoken

5 ’s eaten   6 ’ve been   7 have taken   8 ’ve written

4. Complete the second sentence in each pair. Use just and the present perfect affirmative form of the verbs below.

give      make      meet      see      send      stop      tell

Matt is definitely at school today. I’ve just seen him.

I can’t change the email now. I ________. it!

We can go outside now. The rain ________.

We bought a present for Freya’s birthday. We ________. it to her.

You should know what to do. The teacher ________. us!

Your brother is really nice. I ________. him.

Are you hungry? dad ________. some pasta for lunch.

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2 ’ve just sent   3 has just stopped   4 ’ve just given

5 has just told   6 ’ve just met   7 has just made

5. Underline one mistake in each sentence. Rewrite the sentences correctly.

1 I written about 20 emails today!


2 Our cousins have came to stay with us for the weekend.


3 The train just has arrived at the station.


4 We’re seen that film five times.


5 uncle has spend two weeks in hospital.


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1 I’ve written about 20 emails today!

Our cousins have come to stay with us for the weekend.

3 The train has just arrived at the station.

4 We’ve seen that film five times.

5 uncle has spent two weeks in hospital.

6. Complete the sentences with the present perfect affirmative form of the verbs below.

be      come      eat      finish      make      meet      see      take

We ____________ this programme. Can we watch something different?

Do you want to stay for lunch? sister ____________ a lasagne.

I’m tired. It ____________ a long day.

The film ________ I’m going to bed.

I can’t make a sandwich because you ____________ all the bread.

mum can’t give me a lift to the station because dad ____________ the car.

It’s birthday, so grandparents ____________ to house for dinner.

I know you; I ____________ you before.

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1 ’ve seen   2 has made   3 ’s been   4 has finished

5 ’ve eaten   6 has taken   7 have come   8 ’ve met