English Word Skills Exercises for A1 – Prepositions of movement and place

1. Match three of the pictures with the prepositions below.

across      along      past      round      through       to


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a round   b through   c to

2. Put the prepositions below into five pairs of opposites.

away from      down      into      off      onto      out of

over      towards      under      up

away from – towards

_____ – ________

_____ – ________

_____ – ________

_____ – ________

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2 down – up   3 into – out of   4 off – onto 5 over – under

3. Choose the correct prepositions to complete the text.

1   a  down  b over  c through

2   a  at  b in  c on

3   a  into  b to  c towards

4   a  at  b on  c in

5   a  out of  b into  c off

6   a  over  b towards  c out of

7   a  along  b across  c under

8   a  at  b in  c on

9   a  along  b under  c over

10   a in  b by  c on

11   a in  b by  c on

12   a at  b in  c by


Juliane Koepcke was seventeen when she travelled with her mother by plane 1 _____ the Amazon rainforest to their home 2 _____ Peru. There was bad weather, and suddenly the plane started to fall from the sky, and crashed 3 _____ the jungle. When Juliane opened her eyes, she wasn’t in the plane. She was 4 _____ the rainforest, and she was alone. She shouted for her mother, but she couldn’t find her. There wasn’t much food – just some sweets. Juliane needed to get 5 _____ the rainforest quickly. She started to walk through the jungle. She climbed 6 _____ tree trunks and crawled 7 _____ bushes. She couldn’t see well because her glasses were missing. So she listened for the sound of water.

Eventually, Juliane arrived 8 _____ a river and she started to walk 9 _____ it. At night she stayed in a tree or 10 _____ the ground 11 _____ the river. She was tired and very hungry and she couldn’t travel fast. After ten days, she arrived at a hut. It belonged to three rainforest workers. When they returned to their hut, they were very surprised! A seventeen-year-old girl was inside!

Now there is a documentary, a film and a book about Juliane’s amazing story of survival 12 _____ the jungle.

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1 b   2 b   3 a   4 c   5 a   6 a   7 c   8 a   9 a   10 c   11 b   12 b

4. Choose the correct answers.

1 Holly is going ____________ the shop to buy a newspaper.

a along  b down  c into

2 We walked ____________ the road when the cars stopped.

a across  b off   past

3 Take the lift to the ground floor or go ____________ the stairs.

a down   onto  c under

4 Drive ____________ the bridge and then turn right.

a into   over  c up

5 We can go the long way round or take a shortcut ____________ the wood.

a across  b along  c through

6 The cat jumped ____________ the chair and stayed there all evening.

a onto  b round  c to

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123 a  45 c  6 a