English Grammar Exercises for A1 – how much / how many, much / many / a lot of, a few / a little

1. Complete the sentences with much or many.

1   There aren’t ____________ pens in pencil case.

2   He hasn’t got ____________ rice.

3   They haven’t got ____________ bananas.

4   There isn’t ____________ water in the bottle.

5   We haven’t got ____________ sugar.

6   There aren’t ____________ books on the shelf.

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1 many   2 much   3 many   4 much   5 much   6 many

2. Complete the dialogue. Choose how much or how many.

Francis  Let’s have some lunch. Do you want a sandwich?

Melanie Yes, OK. But 1 how muchhow many bread is there?

Francis  There’s a lot.

Melanie Good. We need some butter too. 2 How muchHow many butter have we got? Look in the fridge.

Francis  There’s a lot of butter too.

Melanie I’d like a tomato sandwich. 3 How muchHow many tomatoes are there?

Francis  There aren’t any tomatoes.

Melanie Oh. What about eggs? 4 How muchHow many eggs are there?

Francis  Six.

Melanie Let’s have egg sandwiches, then.

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1 how much   2 How much   3 How many   4 How many

3. Complete the questions with how much and how many, and is there and are there.

How many crisps are there?

_____ cheese __________?

_____ grapes __________?

_____ sandwiches __________?

_____ lettuce __________?

_____ olives __________?

_____ chicken __________?

_____ strawberries __________?

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2 How much cheese is there?

How many grapes are there?

4 How many sandwiches are there?

5 How much lettuce is there?

6 How many olives are there?

7 How much chicken is there?

8 How many strawberries are there?

4. Look at the picture below. What’s left after the party? Answer the questions in exercise 3. Use There isn’t much. / There are a lot. / There aren’t many.

There are a lot.









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2 There isn’t much.   3 There aren’t many.

4 There aren’t many.   5 There isn’t much.   6 There are a lot.

7 There isn’t much.   8 There aren’t many.

5. Complete the sentences. Use a little or a few.

We’ve got __________ carrots in the fridge.

There’s only __________ milk.

Can I have __________ sugar, please?

There are __________ apples on the table.

‘Would you like some pasta?’ ‘Just __________ I’m not very hungry.’

I often go out with __________ friends at the weekend.

I sometimes have __________ sugar in coffee.

We usually buy __________ newspapers at the weekend.

I’ve only got __________ time before I have to go to school.

10 We need __________ tomatoes and __________ cheese to make the pizzas.

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1 a few   2 a little   3 a little   4 a few   5 a little

6 a few   7 a little   8 a few   9 a little   10 a few, a little

6. Complete the sentences with the words below.

a few      a little      a lot of      how many      how much      many      much

1 I don’t want __________ chips with fish, just a few.

2 _____ bread do you eat every day?

3 little brother only eats __________ vegetables.

4 friends eat __________ junk food, especially burgers and pizza.

5 I only want __________ milk in coffee, please.

6 _____ sweets do you buy a week?

7 We don’t eat __________ ice cream – only in the summer.

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1 many   2 How much   3 a few   4 a lot of   5 a little

6 How many   7 much