English Word Skills Exercises for A1 – Adjective + preposition

1. Choose the correct prepositions.

popular towith

bad onfor

responsible forabout

keen onwith

used aboutto

worried aboutwith

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1 with   2 for   3 for   4 on   5 to   6 about

2. Complete the text with the adjectives and prepositions in exercise 1.

Advertising IN SCHOOLS

A lot of parents and teachers are 1 _____ advertising in schools. Some food companies put up posters in schools and give leaflets to the students. Some companies give sports equipment to schools if students buy a lot of chocolate bars or crisps. Of course, a lot of students are 2 _____ these snacks and are happy to buy them. In some schools there are vending machines. These machines sell drinks and snacks that are 3 _____ teenagers – they love them! But the drinks and food are also 4 _____ your health, and some people say they are 5 _____ obesity in children. Other people say that students are 6 _____ advertisements and the students don’t buy more snacks and drinks because of them.

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1 worried about   2 keen on   3 popular with

4 bad for   5 responsible for   6 used to

3. Complete the sentences with the adjectives below.

bad      disappointed      full      good      kind

Fruit and vegetables are ____________ for your health.

I’m good at science, but ____________ at art and music.

These snacks are ____________ of sugar and salt.

Always try to be ____________ to other people.

I’m very ____________ with exam results.

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1 good   2 bad   3 full   4 kind   5 disappointed

4. Complete the sentences with the prepositions below.

at      for      in      of (x2)

1 Are you interested ____________ art and photography?

2 Josh is afraid ____________ spiders! He hates them!

3 France is famous ____________ its cheese and wine.

4 Thank you for your help. It’s very kind ____________ you.

5 I like maths, but I’m not very good ____________ it.

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1 in   2 of   3 for   4 of   5 at


When you record new adjectives, record any prepositions that go with them. You can find this information in a dictionary, often in the example sentences.

5. Read the Vocab boost! box. Then look at the dictionary entries below and note down the prepositions that go with these adjectives.

proud __________

late __________

similar __________

excited __________

bored __________

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1 of   2 for   3 to   4 about   5 with

6. Complete the sentences with the correct prepositions.

We were very disappointed __________ our meal. The food was terrible!

little sister is afraid __________ the dark, so she sleeps with a light on.

They live in Mexico, so they’re used __________ hot, spicy food.

Some doctors say that eating a lot of meat is bad __________ you.

It’s very kind __________ you to invite us for dinner.

Many people think fizzy drinks are responsible __________ the obesity problem.

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1 with  2 of  3 to  4 for  5 of 6 for