Рассказы Story about little girl

03.04.2009 | Intermediate | Anna Bulytko

This is a story about a little girl. When she was a child – animals found her in the woods and she lived with them... animals helped her to build a house and brought her all things for living… She was so nice and wanted to know everything about life. She saw a lot of pictures from real life, where people like her lived, but she was afraid of that word. Once a big tiger came to the woods… he killed a lot of animals and wanted to eat a little girl without a name. Her best friend monkey helped her to run away… She ran and ran…then fell down and fell asleep.

When she woke up, she saw a strange man…he was looking at her and gave her a hand to stand up. She wondered. He was very handsome…but she had never seen people… she started shouting…but he hugged her and said – “everything will be ok”. All his life he had lived alone… he’d liked nature and thought that he would never fall in lone …But when he saw her eyes…that was love at first sight. They were very happy to find each other. Then they found an article in a newspaper that said that there was an airplane crash 18 years ago and so she was just one person who survived…She lived to meet him and to be happy.

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