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1.08.08 | Intermediate | Victoria Kulko

Her name was Nobody but people called her simply Zero. Honestly saying - they called her very rarely. And if to be absolutely honest we will say that people never called her because they never noticed this girl.  Those people were not very bad or indifferent. The reason was in the girl – because in the place where other people had face that girl had only dark and fuzzy blot (such faces one can find only on a very-very old and damaged photos).
And in general that girl was insignificant. She had empty thoughts, she saw not memorable dreams, talked too quiet, did useless things and lived an unnoticeable life.
- It is not so bad… Millions people certainty live like me… Am I right? – asked she often, but nobody answered her. It was because her question was too quiet and too unimportant.
- I am Zero – she used to say. – But it’s very comfortable to be Nothing. All the more, people remember about me very often and think good about me. For example they say: «What a day! Nothing good!» Or: «What a life! Nothing good!»
She had had many empty years and saw a lot of vacuous dreams until one day she met him. At first she didn’t notice him. She didn’t notice him when she saw him second time, too. But in the third time she suddenly saw his face. It was the same like her ones. It was nothing. And it was very strange because she never saw her reflection like in a mirror….
- Nothing good! – people said about that. – Ha! Two zeros! No sense! They need at least one “One” (единичку).
…Two zeros didn’t know what they had to do. That was why they simply took hands of each other. Nothing good happened and made up.

Except new symbol that looked like this ∞…

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