Рассказы The New Friend

27.03.2020 | Iryna Potjuk
The New Friend

A little mouse lived in an old house on the edge of the forest. Before she found the house she had gone through a long way with many adventures. She lived near a mill. Before she went through different adventures she had been a carefree mouse because she always had something to eat and time to run from the cat. The mill had stopped before the mouse left it. She realized that she needed to look for a new home after she had eaten the last grain.

The mouse adventure began as soon as she ran out onto the forest path. The mouse was running fast because she wanted to find a new home as quickly as possible. When she felt hungry, she realized that she had not had anything to eat. She was looking for something useful, but unfortunately there was nothing. The mouse saw a squirrel with a nut, she asked to share it with her after a long time watching how the squirrel got it from the tree. The mouse realized that she had never asked anyone about anything before that and that she had always had easy food. The squirrel gave a part of the nut to the mouse after she had realized that the mouse was completely exhausted. The mouse invited the squirrel to a dreamy new home after she had eaten the nut.The mouse went on the road after she had quenched its hunger.

On the way to the dream the mouse was caught by bad weather. А strong wind forced the mouse to hide behind a tree. A raccoon offered help to the mouse when he had realized that the wind would destroy her. The mouse thought she was happy when she was visiting the raccoon because a broken mill gave her the opportunity to see the world and meet new friends. She found her new home when she left the raccoon after the bad weather had stopped. The mouse understood the importance of having friends after she had met the squirrel and the raccoon. She welcomed her new friends to her new home on the edge of the woods after she had cooked their favorite treats.