Рассказы Little Village in Woods

12/10/2011 | Svetlana Chernova

It happened in a small town. It seemed it wasn’t even on the map, because it was really tiny. This town was located among beautiful and high mountains.

One could get there only accidently. This place wasn`t seen in the mountains, it was closed away by thick flowering trees. And from the road it was completely invisible. The way to it was protected by a wide river and hills.

Friendly and happy people lived there. They were hardworking and kind. On Sundays they went to the street market and visited each other.

There was one man who lived in one of the houses. He was a respected astrologer. He had a long gray beard. None of the townspeople knew when he was born. It seemed he had always lived there.

When he used to leave his house, the kids ran to him to said hello. He gave sweets and cheerfully joked with them. And all the children thought he was a magician who could turn a stone into an insect and usual a stick into a beautiful flower. But, honestly saying nobody ever saw it. The kids just believed it was true.

Townspeople respected him also. They always asked for his advice when crops should be planted or ripped. When a baby was born in a family, the first thing they did was bringing this child to the astrologer. And astrologer always predicted the future of the baby. And this continued for many years. And it seemed that nothing would happen.

One night the astrologer watched the stars. They were unusual that night. They were particularly bright. It seemed that something unusual was to be born. And the next morning the astrologer already waited for special guests.

In the morning someone knocked on the door. It was a husband and wife. The woman held an envelope with her child. The man bowed to astrologer and asked him, "Tell us, astrologer, who would our son be, Mark?"

Astrologer looked into the eyes of the kid and said, "Your son will be a hero. The time will pass and he will be exactly the one who will save us". And now let him do what he wants. The husband and wife were surprised, but they said nothing. They trusted him.

The kid grew up clever, strong and healthy. All the time he spent in the woods or mountains, he learned to understand the language of birds and animals. A Falcon was his best friend. Once the falcon flew to Mark and told him that the regiment of soldiers approaching town. And if they found his town, they would kill all the people and the city would be burnt. Mark knew that he had to save the city from the disaster. But how? He could’t find the answer.

And at that time the astrologer appeared in front of him. Mark was surprised by that. How did he get there? But the astrologer, as if he was reading his thoughts, said, "I know how to save the people. Only you can help them". "But how? I am so young. I can`t fight"- Mark said. "We have to make a wall of stones on the road. They will decide that they got lost and will leave"- replied the astrologer. "But I will not be able to do it myself" - said Mark. "It is true! But the stars told me that you can communicate with animals. They will help you".

And at that time, Mark began to speak in the language of animals and birds. And in second there were animals: bears, mooses, wolves, hares. Over the glade there were birds flying. They were all as one. Mark told them about the stones and all animals begаn to throw stones on the road. They only stopped when piles of stones were high. No one could pass through it.

Everything happened, as the astrologer told. A regiment of soldiers approached the stones, but then turned around and never came back. It was a victory!

When the astrologer was back in town, he gathered all people in the main area and told them everything. Mark was a hero. Since then people began to communicate with the animals. And animals loved people.

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