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03.2010 | Intermediate | By Dmitiri Vaga

Oh, my God, again that unbearable noise! I am so fed up with it. How can it be? And this is happening every single morning. It doesn’t give me enough of sleep. That’s it, I change my registration! I'm leaving! Has every heard me? - And Ms. Roger invites Danila and Catherine for lunch. Mr. B, a husband of Ms. Roger, furiously is slurping his coffee. I did nickname him in such a way because he was too big for the chair he sits on.

No, this is a bad idea to leave the Roger’s family! They sheltered me when I was only two months old. I am very grateful to them for such kindness and generous hospitality. And I am used to tasty pies with apples and bilberry from Ms. Roger. She makes them in the days when I don’t have upset stomach. I have been in a good family, but they often forget about my existence.

I have a big sib. Except my parents, who went on a trip around the world by a cruise ship St. Mary, I only have Uncle Sam. He lives not far from me in a house nearby. His home is in a box of rice. My cousin Marty works in a restaurant on the 5th Avenue. He deals with exquisite European cuisine, - Yummy! But we are unpretentious in food. We do not need foie-gras, cheese with red mold, sushi or even a hamburger from McDonald's. We always find something to eat.

According to the stories of my uncle, who replaced the parents, our ancestors served in NATO forces, were in the Vietnam, Kosovo wars, and are currently working for the benefits of the U.S. military in Afghanistan and Iraq. They entrusted an important mission connected with the destruction and disposal purveyance of enemy troops. Many of my relatives have awards from the motherland. After his release from the ranks of the U.S. Army my peaceful brothers share the experience with others and govern in hostess storeroom. We also have great importance for science. Without our help it is not possible to progress in medicine, we invented the cure to many diseases, the price of their health, even life, but will not go into detail, children read us.

As you understand, I am a little mouse. My name is Leedsy. But my friends call me, “Acute sense of smell”. So, for you, I am – Leedsy - “Acute sense of smell”. I celebrated the 2nd birthday this winter. The first was when I was born, and second, when I escaped from the embraces of the cat Gary. He left on my body a lot of scars that decorated me and the girls like it. If we are talking about girls, I have my beloved Betty. She has probably no idea of my existence, but I love her. Once we our eyes met and it was love at the first sight. I could not do anything else at that moment and since that I’ve never seen her, but the eyes, and her silhouette I'm still holding in my memory. Most of all I would like to see her again.

If to talk about my own weekdays, I like lively lifestyle. To lie on the sun, warm gizzard up and sip the juice from the tubes - it's not for me. I love to run on the block, to stir up all the cats around, to visit Central Park with Uncle Sam and to analyze the demand of visitors for the content of garbage boxes, to play football with friends in the kitchen in some cozy cafes, at the end of the day to go down in underground and meet the sunset on the shore of the ocean, then to return home. This is my life - full of adventures and unplanned events.

So, you have enough information about me, and in this way I am confident that I can start telling about one day in history. No! One story from history. Oh, my God, I'm confused. So let’s begin!

The day began, as you already know, from the morning commotion. Having woken up, I stretched myself and instantly realized that I was hungry. My acute sense of smell noticed oatmeal cookies on the shelf above. It is so attractive! I decided to taste it. When I got to the breakfast, I heard screams and a weird noise. Children shouted and a chair where Mr. B. set fell down. I decided to flee without looking back. Host ran after me. I ran to the balcony, jumped on the rails and could not keep myself and flew down. Having realized that the life started to shorten drastically, I remembered everything. After closing my eyes, I was ready for the worst to happen, but I was lucky and I found myself on the roof of the summer cafes. After a couple of tricks, I appeared on my own four paws on the roadway of Manhattan. I felt free and decided to walk.

New York - the capital of the world. The crowd, the huge taxi, hot-dogs at every step, bright advertising and a sense of freedom - all these show the greatness of a megacity. I'm just a little mouse, midget in the country of giants. Two minutes of capture and thinking passed. I realized that I have the chance to see my uncle and once again I feel the beauty of life in the big city.

Jumping into the passing by bus, I got on the other side of the block, where my uncle lived. He was not at home. Probably he had an important business in town.

My stomach sang incomprehensible melody and I decided to visit my cousin Marty. He worked on the 5th Avenue. I met him and he kindly bought me cheese and fresh milk. But he was not alone. He was with her, Betty. I blyushed immediately. Marty began to taunt me. I was embarrassed; my heart went to the heel, my pulse rate increased. Everything was interrupted by a waitress, who raised a mad cry having seen our meal. We ran wherever we could! Marty began to pretend as if nothing had happened and continued to chew. I rushed with Betty to where I thought we would be safe. When everything was over, we rested. After that we got to know each other.

She was wonderful. Its unmatched appearance, charming smile, brilliant hair, perfect figure, elegant dress - all these made me to forget about Marty.

We talked about life, about preferences, about food, about tastes, about the world around us. The time was running unnoticeably. I immediately thought that I knew her for a hundred years. She suited me perfectly. The evening came and I suggested seeing the sunset. After having received a favorable response from her, we were at the Coney Island, in the Lower New York Bay. Last rays of the evening sun warmed us; seagulls circled low over the water, there was a romantic atmosphere. I felt sympathy from Betty’s side and it was great. My dream came true. My soul sang. I was ready to turn over the mountains.

I concluded that in life everything is not accidental. My morning awakening, acute sense of smell, Mr. B, employment of Uncle, unbearable Marty, the waitress - all helped me from the morning. Life is beautiful; I do not want to complain about it!

Do not be afraid to dream, do not be afraid to take risks, live each day with enthusiasm, remember that you are needed, do not forget about your loved ones – I am telling you, I am a little mouse, Leedsy, “Acute sense of smell”. Good luck! ;)

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