Рассказы Fate changes

03.2010 | Upper-Intermediate | By Victoria Yanishevskaya

Once upon a time in a small village lived an ordinary girl. Although her life was going on like those of others, she understood that she was special and mysterious. She did not say about that to anyone. It was her secret. As the time passed by she was becoming older and older. Something was good, something bad. And one day she started to notice that someone was chasing her. Everyday there were a yellow car and men in black. She was not afraid, she understood something was about to happen.

So, one day on her 16th birthday an old man came to her. That man told her that she had the power to feel people, understand their wishes. She thought that she knew it all her life. She entered life of mysterious people but, unfortunately, this power had its own disadvantages. Because she was behaving in a very strange way, her father teased, thinking that she was influenced by a bad company of friends. But she couldn’t reveal her secrete to him. Every time when she was among people her head was just splitting in pain. Despite this fact she helped many people to realize their dreams. And she also knew that everyone from their planet will help her. There were a lot of people with the power. They were able to see through walls and to see the future. From that time on her every day became wonderful and very different from that past. Later her daddy accepted the changes he saw in the life of his daughter and understood that only these changes could make her happy.

I won’t tell you what happened to her after that, what she went through, because it would be a very long story, the idea is that miracles are real and you never know how your fate would change your life...

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