Рассказы The Bridge

03.2010 | Upper-Intermediate | Alexander Andreev

He walks along the street and thinks, “What will I do with it?” Grey clouds on the sky don’t promise the day will without rain. Strong north wind forces him to be muffled up.

In a distance he detects a bridge. That is the bridge where he has to meet her in 10 minutes.  His palm feels the rough and cold surface of a gun handle. And this feeling gives him more strength, so he starts walking faster.

Her hair uncurled downwind. She looks from the bridge to the river and it seems that she doesn’t feel the cold of the coming winter.

- Hi Helen, how are you? – he said.

- Hi Tom, fine, what about you? – said Helen.

- Very bad without you.

- Please, Tom doesn’t start it again. – whispered Helen.

- How can you do it? How can you leave me? What is wrong? – starts crying Tom.

- Tom it is my decision and I don’t want to discuss it with you.

- Why? Please, explain it to me, Helen!

- Tom! I don’t want talk about it! Don’t … Her voice was broke by a shot.

-Tom comes to the body and shoots again. “In the movies killers always do the final shot into the head” – thinks Tom. The last shot sounds.

After a while Tom thinks:     

- What have I done? Did I kill her?!

- Yes. So what is the next step? I don’t remember what I should do the next!

- Stop! Be calm… First of all you need to hide the body.

- I don’t want to go into prison…

- Relax, mate! Nobody goes into prison! In a few minutes the body will be hid.

He is standing over the body. His palm squeeze gun handle. The gun tube is smoking slowly.

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