Рассказы One 'Sunny' Day

09.2009 | Intermediate | Anna Bulytko

That day was sunny and nice, it was a memory day. A friendly family decided to visit a house, where one year before their best friend, Robert, had disappeared. Marta and Frank got acquaintanced with him, when they had a weekend off in Florida. He helped them to look after July, their daughter and they had a good time together. From that time they phoned each other almost every day and met together on holidays. One day they called Robert, but there was no answer… from that day nobody saw him, and all people tried to avoid his house… People had a legend, that Robert was stolen by a priest.

When they arrived, they saw a nice place near the river. Frank said:  «O, God, this place looks like a paradise, oh Robert… why today you cannot be with us»? Than he said louder: «Robert…come back..Robert»!

«Come down, we have to spend this day with a smile and good memories…. Ce can't bring him back, but nobody will steal our good memory about Robert”, said Marta.

When the night came, July was watching TV, then she felt a little wind…and then she saw an open window. “Father, are you here?” she asked and felt a hand on her mouth and knife on her throut…Few minutes later her mother heard somebodies steps out of house. She ran out to the yard… There was a hand with a ring, that was the ring wich Robert presented to their daugter. She stard to scream. Frank ran to her and they saw a woman and July’s body near the river.

They tried to pull her out, but she wonted to kill them also… Frank took her knife off and in a moment she was on the grass, the knife was in her hear... In tears Marta has shouted why? Why my daughter?

The women said, «I loved Robert very much, but he loved July…I killed him and was waiting the moment to kill July… now, I have nothing to do in my life... I can die» and close her eyes.

Marta and Frank came back home. They will never see their best friend. They will never hug their daughter. They will never forget that day. But in their hearts there will always be warm love to their lovely persons.

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