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14.07.2014 | Nataliya Ko.

My dear fellows and friends, do you know that God created the Earth and all its living things?

And he created the earth with great love and great imagination as a living creature. The planet turned into an extraordinary beauty: blue paint alternated blue, turquoise and smooth transition into the green color. White clouds make the Earth a very romantic place and they decorated it as a moving, not irregular train.

All living things that inhabit the Earth: the rivers, seas, oceans, mountains, plants, animals, birds, fish and humans – all of it has dependent value from the planet Earth. They are her (the Earth’s) little children.

The Earth defines their whole life. As a living organism, one day the Earth was born and then she started to grow. She has always been a very active girl – the Earth revolved unceasingly like a whirligig. As a young girl, the Earth attracted her little friend- the planet Moon. The Moon also began to rotate along with the Earth, inheriting the character of the older friend.

The huge hot sun, an ancient star, observed the rotation of two friends the Earth and the Moon from an enormous distances. The sun warms and lightens the Earth and the Moon, but only the side which they turned up to it. The other side of the Earth and the Moon always remained without light – there was the night. The Sun called the Moon the satellite of the Earth because she is often hidden in the shadow of the Earth.

The Moon was tiny and every 30 days she kept rehearsing her dance around the Earth; every day she ran one step away from the sunlight in the Earth's shadow. When most of the Moon was hidden from the Sun in the shade, the Earthlings saw only a small thin piece of the Moon like a slice of orange. They called this Young Moon. Yes, this is how each of the 12 months begins – chronology on the Earth.

After that, each day the Moon began to come from the shadow of the Earth out to the sunlight more and more. And every night all life on Earth sees the Month becoming thicker and thicker, until it reaches the size of a half moon. These days and nights all life on Earth is growing rapidly, and the oceans and seas are spread. When the moon is completely in the sunlight out from the shadow of the earth, all life on the Earth sees the full moon. It is a round bright, bright Moon. The full Moon does not last long, we see it 2-3 nights.

At the full Moon time, many animals, birds, fish, humans, plants go through a renewal. After the full Moon time the Moon loses its round shape slowly: night after night she loses her side little by little. So, the Moon begins to drift back into the shadow of the earth, until an absolute circle turns into a thin crescent Moon.

Both phases of growing and waning Moon last for two weeks. Together, they account for about thirty days and called a month. While most of the Earth makes one circle, rotating around the Sun, the Moon makes the twelve times of her circular dance-month-long.

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