Рассказы The boy who wanted to change the world

8.10.2014 | Yuriy G.

One day a little boy, whose name was Bogdan, woke up at his place. He was only 10 years old. But in spite of his age he was a clever and open-minded boy. His motherland was Ukraine and he lived in the capital – Kiev. Best of all he liked dancing and sweats. He didn’t like when somebody cried and was rude to him. The boy was growing up in love and care. His parents often were surprised at his mind and curiosity. He asked a lot of questions and always had his own point of view. “Why are there wars in the world? Why do people die from hunger when there is a lot of food in the world? Why does God let kids die from cancer? Why do people kill each other?” he asked. It was difficult to explain these complicated things to the little boy.

Once when he was sleeping in his bed he saw an angel in his dream. The angel said to him, “Don’t be frightened! I’ve come to bring and show you another world. Trust me and don’t worry.” And the angel took the boy by his hands and they started to fly up extremely fast. In 10 seconds they appeared at a lovely place like a forest. There were lots of beautiful plants and animals around. The kids were playing with animals without any danger. “Bogdan, look at those kids. They are your brothers and sisters at our Galaxy. They love you very much and wait for you to return to them.” Bogdan asked the angel, “Why have I been on the Earth? What have I been doing there?” The angel answered. “You need to understand that God gives all of you a choice to realize he loves you. There is always a choice. But people forgot God and are doing evil.” The boy said, “I want to change the world on the Earth!”

When the boy woke up in the morning he told nobody about his dream. But since that moment his life has been changed.