New boy Песни на английском для детей

Песни на английском для детей - New boy?

Children song: New boy

Author of poem: Gillian Craig

A blue boy started school today
He’s sitting next to Jude
And everybody looked at him
Although we know that’s rude.

I wondered why his skin was blue
So different from mine
I wondered if it bothered him
But he seemed to like it fine.

And suddenly my classroom seemed
A more exciting place
A bigger world was coming in
With a different kind of face.

I spoke to him at morning break
Although I felt quite shy
I thought that he would like a friend
If I was new, I’d cry!

And then I saw him staring too
His eyes were wide and round
Just because we have long tails
Which trail along the ground.

I think we’re going to be good friends
We seem to think the same
About a lot of different things
And we even share a name!